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Obama says people who are healthy or rich owe those who are not

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“This is not socialism,” says Obama. The man Democrats elected to be president and lead the nation says that his ideology is not socialism. He says, “It’s just not fair” for people who “win life’s lottery” to enjoy their health and wealth without providing for everyone else who isn’t lucky. People who are rich got that way by winning life’s lottery or stealing, and people who are healthy got that way by taking advantage of those who get sick so medicine can make advances to treat them.

People develop their beliefs on how the world works by what they experience. That’s why it’s not surprising for Obama to believe people only get rich by luck or by stealing because that is how he and all his Leftist friends got rich. And in honor among thieves it is okay to steal from those who have stolen.

It is in the basic character of all people to project themselves and their motivations onto others. That is why so many people of the Right naively believe people on the Left are basically good at heart and will be considerate of others, while those on the Left maliciously see the Right as wicked who will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what they want. But when the two ideologies are objectively examined, the Christian people of the Right are on God’s side, where the atheist people on the Left declare God to be on their side.

Obama says Millenials should cancel their cable/cell phones to pay for ObamaCare

Democrats attribute economy lags because global warming caused snow storms

Leftists have declared that any criticism of socialism, Islam, the global warming fraud, Democrat deficit spending and corruption are all racist and should be punishable by death. The power of the presidency is manifest in how what Obama says is believed even when it is proven to be a lie. The presidency can be used to disseminate the truth, inspire and motivate people to be better than they are as President “Ronaldus Magnus” Reagan used to do.

But Obama uses it to lay blame and tell his followers they are oppressed by men like Reagan because they’re not white. This racism is lauded by the Left and any disapproval is labelled racism. Obama said as president he would represent all Americans, but all he has done is represent minorities, and not minorities who are oppressed, but minorities that hate and envy white men with money and want a government that will do their stealing for them.

Chinese economy soon surpassing U.S. economy

Obama’s mission accomplished

All Democrat policies since they took over Congress in 2006 have been to reduce the American economy, strangle energy, and choke the American Dream to death. Yet Millenials vote for them. Where is the disconnect?

Millenials disenchanted with the America they voted for



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