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Obama says he doesn't get it–We the People agree

Obamacare not a winner in the eyes of many  American citizens
Obamacare not a winner in the eyes of many American citizens
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President Barack Obama apparently lives in a world of his own. Unfortunately, that world is far from reality. On April 1st, 2014, the President was thrilled to announce that over 7 million people had enrolled in Obamacare. However, there were certain individuals, including Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), who doubt the validity of these numbers, and went on to refer to Obamacare as a fundamentally flawed law that has resulted in millions of American citizens losing their health coverage. Cornyn told a news source that the law has done nothing more than force individuals to sign up for more expensive coverage or face penalties. The Texas senator said that while these results may be cause for celebration on Pennsylvania Avenue, they are nothing short of a tragedy for Main Street.

Cornyn was one of many Republicans who made statements debunking the myth that over 7 million people have actually enrolled in what many are calling the "Unaffordable Health Care Act.” Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) referred to the President's announcement of success as "the ultimate April Fools' Day joke."

The Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, was heralded as one of President Obama's major achievements. Open enrollment began on October 1st, 2013, when myriad glitches and technical problems plagued the website. These glitches and an overall lack of interest in the program led the President to extend just under 40 delays to the health care law's mandate.

Millions of American citizens have had their health insurance plans canceled since the individual mandate took effect, regardless of the fact that Mr. Obama promised them they could keep their plans and doctors if they desired. Instead, folks are faced with a choice between skyrocketing premiums or lower quality insurance, even though most were perfectly happy with the coverage they were forced to forfeit.

The disastrous rollout of this socialist program was a clear factor in the President's plunging approval ratings, and the Republican Party views the problematic health care law as vital to their re-taking of the Senate at midterms this November.

Most voters are aware of Republican David Jolly's victory in Florida's recent special election held to fill a vacant House seat. Jolly essentially campaigned against the President's health care law, the latter of which has become increasingly unpopular in Florida as individuals are losing doctors and insurance plans, and seniors are having to pay for medications formerly covered under Medicare. This loss is due to funds being robbed from Medicare to support Obamacare.

Despite the grim outlook for Democrats this November, Obama acted almost giddy with happiness during a White House Rose Garden ceremony, when he and his staff and supporters heartily cheered the four-year anniversary of the disastrous, socialist health care law. He made no statement to the millions of people who lost their plans because of his unconstitutional mandate, nor did he address the individuals who can no longer see the doctor of their choice. Additionally, no statements were made to the many seniors who received letters from Medicare telling them they were now responsible to pay for certain prescriptions out of pocket. Of course, those seniors were also told they could talk to their doctor and ask if they “really need that medication.” As if Medicare no longer paying for the drug could somehow translate into “eh..guess it wasn't all that important.”

What the President did say–in reference to the negative reaction to his law–was "I don't get it." (why anyone would not be as ecstatic as he is about Obamacare.) Unfortunately, whether or not Mr. Obama eventually "gets it" and admits that the law is an abysmal failure, the country will never recover economically from this unprecedented disaster.