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Obama sanction II, sounds like 'sanctions I'

Sounding like a sequel to a bad movie, the new improved sanctions announced by Obama against Russia appears to just add more Putin names to the list. Otherwise, it is a form of noose tightening by throwing the lasso around more of Putin’s associates. The theory is that the more America disrupts individuals in Russia who are a part of the Putin inner circle, the more likely some of them will complain about it. They might suggest to Putin that his actions are not helpful for their personal business and finances. As clever as that may sound, it surely sounds like a weak kneed approach in the wake of an invasion by Russia into the Ukraine, and possible threats to other sovereign nations. Yet, if this delicate approach produces desired results, Obama will appear to be very smart.

Obama talks sanctions
Alex Wong, Getty Images

“Obama announces new round of sanctions

By Justin Sink - 04/28/14 06:33 AM EDT

President Obama said Monday that the U.S. would impose a new round of sanctions against top Russian officials designed to spur Russian President Vladimir Putin to "walk the walk not just talk to talk" toward deescalating the crisis in Ukraine.

"The sanctions build on the ones that were already in place. We're moving forward with expanded list of individuals," Obama told reporters at a press conference in the Philippines, describing the move as “the next stage in a calibrated effort to change Russia’s behavior.”

The targeted sanctions are expected to hit close allies of Putin, as well as companies in the Russian defense industry. As with earlier sanctions levied against Moscow over its incursion into Ukraine, they will include asset freezes and travel bans.

“The goal here is not to go after Mr. Putin personally," Obama said. "The goal is to change his calculus with respect to how the current actions that he's engaging in could have an adverse impact on the Russian economy over the long haul."

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