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Obama said, “This thing is working.”

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Obama said, “This thing is working.” Sung to no known tune or beat. It's a fits and start thing.

Can you believe it, this thing is working?

I am so sick, I need a doc to fix it,
but can’t afford to see him until death is on me
So, my friend takes me to the ER,
and I get in line

Oh doc, please fix it, I’m so sick
but they say where’s your insurance
I have none but this is an emergency
I am dyin in line

Take a seat, we’ll call you when we can
but you got to find a way to pay
or you can’t stay even if you are
sick in line

Obama says he’ll fix it
and Congress conjures up a law
for all to share and care about
the poor and sick in line

They said sign up as there is a way
for all to pay a little
and get a lot when you’re sick
so you can be in line just fine

The roll out wasn’t snappy
I had no puter to make me happy
but got help to sign up
and now here I am in line again

Obama says it’s working
even though it’s quirky
It’s a little herky jerky
but at least I’m not dyin

“Finally, President Barack Obama can say his health care law is beating the expectations.

Well, one of them, anyway. It’s safe to say that no one — not even him — predicted that the Obamacare sign-ups would soar as high as 8 million, the figure he announced in an appearance in the White House briefing room Thursday. That number, at least on its face, truly does go beyond the enrollment goals the administration set for itself — and makes the recovery from the website debacle even bigger.”

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