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Obama's total failure in foreign affairs

There is no historical equal to the dangerous record of total failure in foreign affairs Mr. Obama has amassed since taking office. The disaster in the Ukraine is the latest indication of this.

Mr. Obama gave away significant nuclear advantages to Putin in the New START treaty. He failed to respond when China invaded a portion of the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone, and threatened Japan as well. He prematurely withdrew American troops from Iraq and didn’t act when the Iranians took advantage of that move.

He is now quietly negotiating with the Taliban after announcing America’s withdrawal schedule from Afghanistan. He has not responded in any way to the attack on our facility in Benghazi. He drew a red line in Syria, and meekly failed to respond when it was ignored. He has moved to soften sanctions on Iran, despite their lack of full cooperation on nuclear arms.

He has utterly ignored the massive arms buildup of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

He has also totally ignored the increased presence of Russian, Chinese and Iranian military interests off our own shores on the Caribbean, as well as in other portions of Latin America. Indeed, he has, at times, seemed to tilt in the direction of those regional governments that have been most harshly anti-American, symbolized by his handshake with Raul Castro.

The President has advocated unilateral cuts in our nuclear deterrent, and has already commenced a unilateral defunding of our conventional forces. He has further weakened national security by acts which have alienated and infuriated America’s allies such as the United Kingdom, Poland, and Israel.

Despite these dire developments, The President’s Secretary of State has proclaimed global warming to be his greatest concern.

In response to all of these signals of weakness, Vladimir Putin has invaded the Crimea region of the Ukraine, using the excuse that ethnic Russians live in the region. In the run-up to World War 2, Hitler used precisely the same excuse to invade the Sudetenland, an area of the former Czechoslovakia with many German speaking inhabitants. Then, as now, the aggression was met by weakness from the West.

We still do not know the whereabouts of the President during the attack on Benghazi. It has been reported that Mr. Obama didn’t even bother to attend a vital meeting of his own staff on the Crimean invasion. During a 2012 discussion with Russia’s Medvedev in South Korea, the President made it clear that he felt more comfortable confiding with Moscow than with the American public.

Protected by a largely partisan media, Mr. Obama has not been called to task for his. Like a child brought up wholly without discipline or education, he has not learned that misdeeds, undone chores and faulty homework bears a price.

There has been much commentary from the press about how little the President can do in response to the Kremlin’s Ukrainian invasion, other than largely symbolic acts. Blinded by a pacifist ideology, the media has totally overlooked the very real and very substantive responses the U.S. can do, short of actual armed confrontation.

First, Mr. Obama can cease his relentless slashing of the Pentagon budget, and start restoring the military to cold war levels. Like it or not, America faces a threat larger than that which existed during the Soviet era; it now faces a united and geographically contiguous front of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. It needs armed forces capable of discouraging confrontation.

Second, he can dramatically ramp up our energy production in all areas, so that no nation need be dependent on Moscow’s gas lines. It’s time that the President finally allows for more drilling permits on federal lands, and cease his war on coal.

Third, he can end his irrational opposition to anti-ballistic missile defenses, both for the U.S. and our allies.

Fourth, he must cease his lack of diplomatic support for nations like Israel, Japan, and others that face the brunt of the threats from this new “Axis of Evil.”

Fifth, nations that act like outlaws must be treated as outlaws. There is no room for aggressor nations in the G8, G20, and similar organizations.

Mr. Obama’s experiment in international retreat, pacifism and pandering to aggressive forces has been a total failure. It’s time for the President to honestly admit his failure, and its time the media cease its partisan protection of him.

America, and the world, is in dire need of a sharp change in course from the White House.

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