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Obama's stance on nuclear security at the Nuclear Security Summit; sanction proliferation in Iran?

Non-Nuclear Profiteering Terms?
Non-Nuclear Profiteering Terms?
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  • Stu 6 years ago

    You need to check your "facts."

    1) Israel DID attend President Obama's nuclear security summit.
    2) Israel "invaded" other countries ONLY AFTER being attacked by terrorists based in those countries. Under international law every country has the right to defend itself.
    3) Iran continuously threatens Israel's existance (a violation of the UN Charter) and is the major benfactor of the terror organization Hizbollah, as well as having its Defense Minister under INTERPOL investigation for his direct connection to the murder and maiming of scores of Argentianina Jews in the bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. Israel recognizes every other country in the region and does not threaten their existance.

    You don't even have the integrity to use the term "believed" in connection with it alledged nuclear arsenal. You have no proof of its actual existance, you you witre about it as if you have proven knowledge ot it.

    What a hatchet job!

  • Michael Bourgeois 6 years ago

    Holy Land, Batman! Two or three admin secretaries with pencils and post-it notes do not make for representation. ESPECIALLY from a nation that IS a nuclear power in the world and refuses to sign the NPT that even terrorist states have signed! The context of the 200 nukes was inside of Ahmadinejad's statement. Were it up to me, I would have told you that most IAEA and U.S. estimates put that number closer to 400 Teller-Ulam mega-ton nukes with Jericho ICBMs to put 'em on any doorstep within 12,000km. We won't get into the satellite imagery of offshore subs BELIEVED to be nuke capable. Oooh, AND they have signed but not ratified the CWC which leaves them free to use thier chemical and biological weapons at will. Netanyahu's refusal to attend this conference was an insult. Israel's ever ambiguous stance on neither confirming or denying the existence of this massive WMD stockpile is just politic code for "of course we can erase you, now don't F*** with us". Do your own fact-checking.

  • Will 6 years ago

    Save your breath Stu. He's drowning in the kool-aid

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