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Obama’s Sergeant Schultz act plays, Christie’s not so much!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie uses the, “I didn’t know,” excuse on the George Washington Bridge revenge/traffic obstruction incident and the main stream media goes crazy. I am not making any judgment on whether or not he is guilty! Not even his two hour mea culpa convinces me! Politicians are very good liars. When it comes to most politicians I am not willing to give them the benefit of trust!

Obama's phony scandals! Plausible deniability becoming implausible deniability!
Obama's phony scandals! Plausible deniability becoming implausible deniability!
I see nothing, I know nothing!
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The media shines the light on Christie’s one incident more than Obama’s multitude of incidents. U.S. President Barack Obama uses his signature Sergeant Schultz excuses, “I see nothing, I know nothing” on his huge bag full of scandals and the media doesn’t question him! Obama admits only knowing about the IRS, AP, NSA, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and Solyndra issues etc., only when he sees them in the paper. Add to that “You can keep your policy, you can keep your doctor” and a load of other Obamacare lies!

Speaking of Schultzes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a seeming distant relation to the sergeant due to similarities of behavior, thinks it only appropriate to judge Christie harder, citing Christie’s GW Bridge incident is a scandal. Comparing it to Obama’s big bag of non scandals or as Obama calls them phony scandals?

Bob Beckel of The Five says the misconduct in Christie incident is believable because New Jersey is known to be a corrupt state. Obama nurtured in the capital of corruption the City of Chicago is never associated with that corruption. Even though he has been associated with Tony Rezko, Ron Blagojevich, Bill Ayers and many other undesirables of the city and state!

This may be the major role the GW Bridge incident plays, showing how Obama’s criminal behavior has not only been ignored by the media, but supported by the media’s behavior!