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Obama's second term agenda: 6-6-6

Six-six-six refers to the several sources of Obama's top six agenda items for the second term to be addressed in the "relaunch" in 2014.

Obama six priorities

What are the top six priorities for the average American today?

  1. Unemployment/Jobs
  2. Dissatisfaction with government
  3. Healthcare
  4. Federal Budget Debt/Deficit
  5. Ethical/moral/family decline
  6. Immigration/illegal aliens

Those results are from a Gallup Politics poll last summer.

Education, gun control, and poverty follow. Taxes, war, and national security are at the bottom of the list of concerns.

How does that calibrate with the President’s agenda, also reported at about the same time.

  1. Immigration reform
  2. Defending and implementing Obamacare
  3. Free trade
  4. Closing Guantanamo
  5. Jobs and ending the sequester
  6. Climate change

These agenda items are from an MSN report.

One might conclude that there is a rough alignment between citizen’s needs and the Obama agenda, if that is still his agenda.

Amie Parnes, The Hill, reports this morning that “Obama looks to relaunch.” She says he has a “thick agenda.” What is it that makes it so thick?

  1. Make a big push to extend federal unemployment benefits
  2. Push comprehensive immigration reform
  3. Ensure that healthcare reform
  4. Tax reform
  5. Trade agreements
  6. Fairness and equality

The Hill

Fairness and equality is the Obama theme and the American theme, now. This doesn’t appear to be too much to ask of the government to accomplish.

“Obama looks to re-launch second term bogged down in 2013

By Amie Parnes - 01/05/14 06:00 AM EST

President Obama returns to Washington on Sunday hoping to build momentum for a thick agenda that didn't go very far during the first year of his second term.

The president will have has hands full: Right off the bat, he'll be faced with questions about the rollout of ObamaCare and a major address on the NSA in the middle of January.

He’ll also be making a big push to extend federal unemployment benefits as the White House seeks to make income inequality a major issue in this year’s midterm elections.

After a rocky 2013 that saw his poll numbers sag, Obama will look to re-launch his second term during a State of the Union address later this month that will set the tone for the midterm elections.”

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