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Obama's proposed amnesty will likely seal fate of Senate

Democrats control of the Senate will likely be lost
Democrats control of the Senate will likely be lost
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Panicked Democrats desperately trying to keep control of the Senate have likely come to the conclusion that the final nail in their coffin of hope is President B. Hussein Obama's proposed amnesty for over five million illegal immigrants. United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has seen her double-digit lead disintegrate into what is now essentially a dead heat with Scott Brown, a former New Hampshire United States Senator who also seeks the seat that once seemed a mortal lock for Shaheen.

Shaheen now states she does not approve of Obama's actions concerning our broken immigration system and feels that his attempt to continuously circumvent Congress is wrong. Shaheen, once embracing a “wait and see” approach concerning the president's unilateral action, has now joined many Democrats at risk of losing their Senate seats in urging the President to place immigration reform in the hands of those it never should have left–the lawmakers.

Brad Dayspring, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee has stated that the only realistic explanation for Obama's drastic and unprecedented action is that he is already conceded the Democrats' Senate majority. Most people with a reasonable amount of intelligence would have to agree, as executive amnesty for illegals is the political equivalent of an atom bomb for Democrats whose Senate seats are in jeopardy, such as Shaheen, Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Kay Hagan (D-NC).

Obama's vow to take unilateral action regarding nation's immigration crisis, which many say is largely due to negligent border control, could come by the end of August. No immigration legislation was sent by lawmakers this summer that addressed the crisis, including the last flood of illegals–over 55,000 unaccompanied minors. Rather, Congress chose to go on vacation instead.

Experts state that Obama is making a dangerous gamble politically by announcing his plan to potentially grant millions of illegal immigrants amnesty. Almost all analysts, regardless of their political affiliation state that this is suicide for the slim hope that previously existed for a Democrat-controlled Senate after midterms. Republicans need only six seats and will likely be successful this November due to the aforementioned immigration problem, the vast disapproval of Obama's handling of foreign affairs and the disastrous rollout and repercussions of the train wreck known as Obamacare. Perhaps with two Republican controlled branches, the man who would be king will be forced to abide by the Constitution. We can only hope.