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Obama’s pen and phone are rendered impotent

Obama’s pen and phone are rendered impotent. Earlier this year, President Obama publicly challenged Congress to pass legislation to his satisfaction. If they didn’t, he warned them that he has a pen and a phone. His pen and phone are as little work as he does. He is issuing delays and exemptions to the failed Obamacare and desperately grasping to get enrollees into Obamacare.

His phone conversations haven’t been going too well either. He takes superficial photo ops showing him on the phone talking to Russian President Putin. Putin is going to work. He’s attempting to restore the old Soviet Union. So far, President iPhone is doing nothing to stop him. Obama did put his pen to work by filling out his March Madness Brackets. Putin on the other hand, has bigger ambitions. He redrew the Crimean-Russian Border after 97% of the Crimeans voted to annex with Russia.

The media generally defends Obama and vilifies his critics. We haven’t heard one word what a racist Putin is. He’s making Obama look like an overwhelmed incompetent. Obama thinks he’s shaming Putin by telling he’s acting like a leader from the 19th Century. Well, tyrants have been around centuries before college basketball. Putin is enjoying a 75% approval. Obama’s approval numbers are under 40% and sinking.

The United States made a colossal blunder electing an imperious incompetent as Obama to the presidency. His role is supposedly leader of the free world not a guest star on a reality show. The country deserves better. Let’s hope the global shot clock can accelerate us to 2016 as soon as possible.

Final Thought: Since the Obama administration frantically attempting to pad the Obamacare enrollee numbers. But they are requiring picture ID at local registration sites around the country. Who knew they were racists?

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