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Obama's Oslo argument was shallow

Obama looks at his prize
Obama looks at his prize
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The Speech that was given by the President in his acceptance of his Nobel Peace Prize was a very not not thought out speech. One expects that if someone were to give a speech about the necessity for war during an event promoting peace, that person would thoroughly research the subjects.

The reason for this criticism is because of the shallow nature he cites certain events in the past as justification for waging war in both Afghanistan and Iraq. President Obama mentions World War II as one example.

The allies had to go to war in both Europe and the Pacific to stop the evil the Axis Powers posed to the rest of the world. AS a result of the war, over 60 million people were killed after almost six years of fighting.

While President Obama is correct about the justification of war, he neglects to mention how that evil of the axis power was able to grow. One of the main causes of World War II was the Great Depression, which not only affected the United States, but the rest of the world.

While unemployment in the United States was 25%, it was over 33% at the same time in Germany. The lure of being able to keep a steady a job and food caused many to support extremist’s dictators such Hitler which solved their economic problems by building up the nation’s military.

The German people at the time were not evil. They desperately turned to follow the Nazis as they as the large military spending created millions of jobs.

This brings us to the post industrial period today. President Obama did use the Oslo speech to justify the larger buildup of NATO forces in Afghanistan, and possibly Pakistan. He argues about the need to fight evil, which would be Al-Qaeda.

The American and Allied troops, without a doubt, will be a more effective fighting force against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. They will probably still lose the war though. By continuing to tacitly support the Karzai regime, he does very little to improve the desperate lives of the Afghan people.

As the lives of those people were to continue to become more hopeless, they may turn to an extremists leader. Repeating mistakes of the past.