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Obama's legacy: Botched Obamacare did more to discredit big government than GOPs

Barack Obama and world leaders gathered for Nuclear Security Summit 2014
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"As for Mr Obama, the botched rollout of his healthcare law has done more to discredit the case for activist federal government than Republicans could hope to achieve." According to Luce, the author of that statement in his Sunday analysis, the legacy of President Obama's signature legislation may be that it is remembered for being responsible for the revival of the Republican party.

In his opinion, neither Obama nor the nation will have to wait until the president serves out his term to determine how Obama will be viewed in history. Midterm elections are only seven months away. If Luce is correct, Obama's legacy will be written by voters in November.

As the March 31, 2014, deadline for Obamacare enrollment quickly approaches, Drudge Report creator, Matt Drudge's announcement over Twitter that he paid the Obamacare penalty for his small business for electing not to enroll in Obamacare erupted into a firestorm. A White House representative quickly fired back,"Flat lie, no fee for previous year. Scary how much influence he once had." (Refer to: "Timeline: Liberals race to shoot down Drudge's 'Liberty tax' Obamacare tweet")

"Rule one on Twitter," warned Rick Klein speaking to Greta Van Susteren, "is if you're going to pick a fight on Twitter, be right. " Klein explained that Matt Drudge, as a small business owner was paying his 2014 taxes, "not his 2013 taxes, so it appears he actually was right."

Klein reminded Greta that the Drudge Report "has a huge influence on the internet." So, "Rule number two," continued Klein, "is if you are going to pick a fight with Matt Drudge, you super-duper better be right."

"On the Record" panelist, A.B. Stoddard, suggested there is a bigger issue than whether a White House spokesperson should guard against libel by checking facts before calling someone a "liar" in writing. That may be the impact of the "bad press" spotlighting the reality that even people in the White House "don't know what's in Obamacare."

When Drudge produced an IRS form encouraging payment of 2014 Obama tax penalties as small businesses file quarterly taxes, Drudge cleared his good name. However, Stoddard pointed out that the White House spokesman looked like a fool. She elaborated that with young voters already thinking, "Wait a minute, they didn't know how to create a website," this is just another reason for millennials to roll their eyes as they move even further away from Obamacare and ultimately Obama.

One of the Drudge reporters, Joseph Curl, echoed the opinion that Democrats would not be able to escape the consequences of botching Obamacare in midterm elections. Curl predicted a "tsunami set to surge" in November. (Refer to: "A Drudge editor report: Who will win, Democrats or GOP, in elections 2014?")

Enrollment outcome for Obamacare is April's Fool Day. In November, Obama will find out whether the legacy of Obamacare is a turn-over of power in Congress.

Is there time for positive changes in Obamacare that can flip things around for Obama? Perhaps, however majority opinion has soured substantially since the healthcare act was passed four years ago. The following short exchange about Obamacare between two eighty-somethings, recently overheard at a popular Texas mall, indicates that changing public opinion in seven months might be difficult:

Obamacare shore ain't lived up to whut it was s'posed to be.
Nope, and I'll tell you unuther thang -- it ain't a'gittin' any better.

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