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Obama's leadership indecision on Keystone Pipeline political pandering

Obama: "I can't hear you America, what?"
Obama: "I can't hear you America, what?"
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The political dilemma President Barack Obama has made with his indecision about approval for the northern Keystone XL Pipeline construction has become a national crisis. Attempting to appease his far-left base with their environmental concerns has contradicted widespread national support for the project, according to this week’s Forbes Magazine.

America's energy independence is at stake, not to mention the enormous hike in gas prices for American consumers. Experts at the Texas Public Policy Foundation declare that recent geopolitical instability, disruptions and bottlenecks in the supply of Brent crude oil from the North Sea has been the culprit in driving up the cost for American refiners.

The authors of the TPPF report said, "If President Obama approved construction of the Keystone XL's northern leg, more of the relatively cheaper WTI (West Texas Intermediate crude) oil could reach refineries along the Gulf Coast. This would reduce the risk premium that geopolitical instability attaches to oil prices and thus lower the gasoline price."

In other words, the President’s indecision is leading to higher retail prices at the pump at the expense of all Americans. Only the Keystone XL Pipeline can stabilize prices and provide the energy independence every president has promised since Richard Nixon.

The TPPF report concludes, “Keystone XL makes the emerging North American energy axis real and could check Vladimir Putin's petro-power. Eliminating the risk of geopolitically driven supply disruptions in oil imports means enhanced U.S. energy security," the authors wrote. "It also could mean a lower price at the pump, making the wallet of every American who uses gasoline smile."

Pipeline indecision is an obvious election issue. If the president continues to delay his decision on the pipeline until after the election, he'll lose the support of many Democrats running for their political lives in November's midterm elections. They will urge Obama to cut the politics and do what’s inevitable for the sake of jobs, the American economy and their own election chances.

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