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Obama’s latest Putin warning an exercise in political puffery

While Obama assures Putin that an aggressive injection of Russian intervention in the latest Ukraine civil unrest will be “Costly,” one must take a moment to weigh the words of a world leader that can only be measured as political puffery by Obama’s political adversary.

President Obama warns his Russian counterpart to steer away from Ukraine conflict.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

I for one have an increasingly tough time taking “ the most powerful man in the world” seriously.

When I watch President Obama speaking through the White House Press Corp, I find little more than a well scripted mouthpiece. It’s a shame really. I keep waiting for something profound to expound from the lips of this man that continues to take his lead and directive from what has recently been less than a profound, or, well written script.

While these impromptu press conferences may be produced for the benefit of Network News, I believe the majority of those that catch the ensuing news release finds the information to border on redundancy. The president’s announcement is akin to Vladimir Putin advising Obama to back off on Homeland Security or U.S./ Mexico border patrols.

Friday’s presidential warning shot across the Kremlin’s bow was nothing more than an obligatory kowtow to the European Union. In effect, what the president stated was nothing short of impotent; in its retaliatory implications.

As to Russia’s President Putin: Obama’s threat of joining the E.U. in a pending boycott of the Sochi G8 summit has most likely fallen on deaf ears.

Russia will do what they deem is necessary to return the region to a reasonably peaceful accord; while preserving Russian business and military interest in Ukraine; as the U.S. military patrols much of the world promoting,protecting and serving U.S. interests and citizens abroad.

The United States can no longer financially and morally afford to police the world. While the U.S. does remain the standard bearer for Constitutional Democracy, It’s time for neighboring Europe and the E.U. to take care of its own. And so knows Putin.

The cold war between the U.S. and Russia died in the 1980s. Let’s leave it at that .

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