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Obama's 'July of lies' is breaking America's heart

The month of July in the year 2009 has revealed a terrible truth. Far from the dissolution of the red state/blue state racket, far from the post-racial society, far from the post-partisan society we were all promised, it would seem as though the very same people that were entrusted with creating a more perfect union have indeed torn at the threads that hold us together.

Never before had so much optimism been placed at the back of one Presidential candidate. Never before had talks of bridging the racial divide been so genuine on both sides. Never before had the word “hope” meant so much to so many.

President Obama is losing popularity and credibility weekly if not daily, not only with Republicans and Independents, but with Democrats as well.

The optimism of six months gone by has been replaced by relative suspicion. The hopes of so many has turned into outright regret as we see the nation we love be turned into a simmering oligarchy. The trail that this President is leaving is painted by the color of something worse than broken promises, this President is blazing a trail glossed only with the blood of the broken American heart.

Before we get to the baffling incoherence this month has brought the Obama administration, allow us first to examine what July has wrought in terms of race relations.

During the campaign, President Obama was praised for his honesty about his grandmother when he described her as “…a typical white person, who if she sees someone on the street that she doesn’t know, there’s a reaction that’s been bred into our experiences that don’t go away…”.

He was also applauded for defending his Black Liberation Theologian Pastor of twenty years Jeremiah Wright, famous for being anti-American and horrifyingly anti-white, saying that “I (Obama) can no more disown him (Wright) than I can the black community.” Yet he was not questioned when he subsequently broke ties with Pastor Wright.

These examples and many more forced honest thinkers to understand the danger of this man’s views on race if he were to be elected President. This is not to say that his views should not be considered when discussing race, but to have a man with a purely divisive bent on the issue occupying our highest office should be of concern to all of us.

Enter July 2009 and the arrest of President Obama’s Harvard friend, “Skip” Gates. We all know the story by now, so there will be no indulgence of it here. When asked to comment on the incident, President Obama immediately acknowledged that he did not know any of the facts, then used that premise to launch into his belief that the “police acted stupidly.” This comment alone, from any President, is enough to fuel an inner-city fire-storm of the citizen versus the police, especially when considering poor and minority neighborhoods.

To further damage the relationship between police and citizen, President Obama went on to insinuate that the Police follow minorities, arrest minorities, and are suspicious of minorities in a disproportionate fashion. For knowing absolutely nothing about the incident of which he was asked, he was certainly ready to respond.

However he failed to consider how disproportionately minorities commit crimes in terms of the size of their population, and how disproportionately crime-ridden minority communities are compared to other communities.  One could argue that these disproportions may actually cause the police activity that our President publicly detests.

We could delve into the minutia of the Skip Gates arrest and point fingers as to who brought race into the equation, discuss the fact that both the black and the Hispanic officers on the scene said that the white arresting officer acted appropriately, but we’ll leave that to the “post-racial” President, as he plans to solve a centuries old struggle (in which millions have suffered and died) over a couple of beers at the White House.

Whether we are deemed “a nation of cowards” by our Attorney General on the issue of race, or the President intentionally fans old racial flames in order to present himself as a sort of healer; whether our Attorney General drops charges against weapon-wielding Black Panther Party members outside a Philadelphia polling place, or our President makes good on his dreams of bringing reparations through programs like Universal health care; the fears of the honest thinker are coming true in that this President’s racial attitudes are far more dangerous than anyone wanted to admit during the campaign.

The main issue on the table for the month of July has been health care reform. This issue has been called “Obama’s Waterloo” by conservatives, and according to Chuck Grassley even Obama acknowledged that this one issue could “ruin my presidency.” Yet President Obama repeats as often as he can that, “this isn’t about me.”

“This isn’t about me” must be stated publicly. But if not to ensure his own legacy as the President that brought us Universal health care, then what is this trillion dollar health care reform all about? The supposed 50 million uninsured? Most Americans know this number is terribly inaccurate and misleading, yet our leaders continue to use this as a means of selling a public option. This tactic breeds distrust and angst.

Is this something that the American people are demanding? Studies reveal that most of us are happy with our health care and our insurance policies, but we do understand the need for reform. We understand the idea of reform, but what is being pushed is an entirely different system from the one we have. If most Americans are happy with the best health care in the world, and recognize that we do need to cut costs and tweak our system, why is our time being wasted bantering about a public option that has failed miserably every time, and every place (including the United States) it has been tried? Reform is not supposed to be interchangeable with utter destruction.

Is this reform about cutting costs? The plans circulating in Congress have been projected to cost trillions of dollars, and the CBO has said that federal spending would not decrease, but would likely increase as a result of a public health care option. The American citizen has to wonder just how in the world everybody is going to get better coverage, at a cheaper price, in a more expensive system. This idea causes a degree of cognitive dissonance at best, and makes one believe that this President is lying to us at worst.

How can the President continue to tell us that we can keep the plan we have if we like it when the plan he is selling calls for the eventual crowding out of the plans we have on page 16 of the bill circulating in the House?

How can the President promise us that bureaucrats in Washington won’t be involved in our health care decisions when current bills create medical advisory boards that are in charge of recommending best practices to doctors? Why digitize our health care records if not to have these medical advisory boards decide what practices would be best for an individual citizen? How is it that digitized records don’t violate the medical “expectation of privacy” used in Roe v. Wade to establish a woman’s right to choose an abortion?

Are opponents of a public option really playing politics as usual as the President claims? After all, President Obama has voted in opposition to numerous health care reform measures including no votes on allowing Americans to deduct health care costs, no on allowing Americans to purchase health care across state lines, no on allowing Americans to use their own Health Savings Account funds to cover their premiums, an no on requiring illegal immigrants to maintain a level of health insurance. (All of these reform measures were offered by Republicans.)

The President claims that opponents of his plan are “defending the status-quo”, that opponents “would rather do nothing”, and “play politics.” The preceding paragraph seems to expose this false dichotomy presented by the President, and reveals that he embodies the ultimate political animal, and is no better than the worst of political hacks.

The questions are many, and the answers are dishonest and disheartening. This President was supposed to bring us together, bring us closer to a more perfect union, and so on. Honest thinkers knew that he represented divisive politics and harbored divisive attitudes. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans did not, and all of us are now forced to watch as the hope and optimism that brought this man to power drowns in the blood of the broken American heart.


  • Bobby 5 years ago

    You are the man!

  • AreYouARacist? 5 years ago

    The organization,, was founded by Jared Taylor. In a 2003 interview with Phil Donahue, Taylor claimed that Central Americans are organizing en masse and invading the rest of North America.[6] He has described himself as a "racialist". Racialism is racism because it assumes all people of one race are the same, regardless of whether is supposes a hierarchy of races.

    The document, "Color of Crime 2005' says that "The best independent source is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)." It does not explain why this self reported data is reliable.

    The document goes on to state that 'blacks who
    committed crimes that were reported to the police were 26 percent less likely to be arrested than people of other races who committed the same crimes.' Yet the methodology for determining this is hidden in a reference in a footnote. The document is 27 pages long, but they didn't include methodology?

    In this article (, Mr Taylor shows his true racism.

  • Hladinuk 5 years ago

    With no due respect, you are a red neck and an idiot. Forget about race issues, they are really of little importance. What is important is that Obama has fooled plenty of folk because it turns out that he is as right wing as Bush, and there is the shame of it all. He proclaims all the historical myths about the U.S. being morally superior to other nations. These ridiculous myths justify America's policies of aggression and occupation and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. Bush and Obama have been the greatest recruiting tools for the insurgents that are rightly attempting to rid their countries of American imperialists.

  • Paul Revere 5 years ago

    This ridiculous man believes in Fascist, Marxist Government and he is a puppet to the NWO and the Eliteseg; Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, he wears Brzezinski's and David Rockerfeller's used pants!
    Let's face it this is the worst president the United States has ever had no better than Adolph Hitler or Idi Amin should he have the chance to get away with it he'd make these two look like choir boys, no matter what the NWO does, people like this will never fly in the USA as long as we have dictators here there will be trouble Americans in one way or another will never give in to slavery! Kenyan born Barry"Barack" Obama deserves every bit of the popularity he is not getting!
    We need to "Audit and Abolish The Fed", make sure yours and your neighbor's Reps names are on the List of supporters to "Audit The Fed" Visit, Call, Write!
    At the rate this tyrant moves, I believe the Lord may have a lot less planned for him! In God we Trust in the Land of the Brave, Home of the Free!

  • Ummm . . . 5 years ago

    Aren't insurance companies already doing what you fear Washington will do in regards to controlling health care. Denials, pre-approvals, more denials, pre-exsisting conditions. Um, yeah . . . they are and have for generations. All the while becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.

    With the right context, the right word selections, the right perspective, the right generalizations . . . you could easily write an article on Jesus lying.

  • Lorena 5 years ago

    This is the most ridiculous article I've read. Citing web sites like the "Color of Crime" simply tells you where you stand on your racial opinion. Since when are most Americans happy with our healthcare?? Where did you get that information from? Perhaps you should seek the opinions of the millions of Americans who have been denied coverage at the Insurance Companies discretion. Mr. Yount please get your facts straight and quit making your opinion sound as if its factual basis for your article. RIDICULOUS RIDICULOUS!!

  • Do ur research 5 years ago

    I feel like fools have responded to this article. USA Today has a poll that shows 89% of people are happy with their own health care, but understand the need for reform. It is not this author's job to research everything for apathetic Americans that would buy a kethcup popsicle if someone told them to do so.
    As far as racial attitudes go, take a look at a community comprised mainly of minority groups, then take a trip to a neighborhood comprised of whites. Then tell me where you feel safest. In New York, minorities make up 24% of the population, yet they committ 68% of violent crimes....I guess that makes me racist, but I'll stick with the facts.
    Good work Mr. Yount.

  • ConcernedCitizen 5 years ago

    We want our jobs back from Guest Workers under h1b and L1. We want also the jobs that were outsourced. The government should tell all these companies, if you want to do business with the Federal Government, the should hire local and do not outsource jobs.