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Obama's inspiring Nobel peace prize speech

Nobel Prize Speech
Nobel Prize Speech
(AP Photo Bjorn Sigurdson/ Scanpix Norway, Pool)

It must have felt somewhat awkward for the President to be accepting of a Nobel peace prize while we are a nation at war. I must admit that I felt bad for him for the difficult task at hand addressing the world with a speech and trying to negotiate a talk on peace while we are actively fighting a war. His speech was inspiring for many reasons. He was able to reflect on the fact that his accomplishments are yet to be determined as he has only begun his presidency about 11 months ago. He expressed humility to be included with the likes of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. He appropriately acknowledged and gave tribute to the sacrifice made by the American military over the last 6 decades in helping to bring about peace in troubled countries throughout the world. He acknowledged another very important point that sometimes war is not only just, but inevitable. Paradoxically war sometimes needs to be fought in order to obtain a lasting peace. He gave the analogy of the necessity of World War II to stop the advance of Adolph Hitler. He spoke from the heart about the strength of the human spirit and the universal desire and hope for a better future. He spoke of the importance of global cooperation and unity in enforcing sanctions against nations who are representing evil in the world. This was undoubtedly a tacit message to nations such as China and Russia who are frequently hold outs with regard to enforcing sanctions against rogue nations. Accordingly this was considered by many both Republicans and Democrats alike as possibly his best speech so far. The only criticism of his speech was his continual allusion to the fact that we will not torture while he is commander in chief. While this may be true and he has the authority to censure this behavior, I do not believe that it is wise to continue to broadcast this fact to the enemy. Whether the liberal left believes in it or not, there still is an active war on terror and we should call it a "War on terror". The appearance of pacifism and being in a state of denial about the ongoing war on terror is dangerous for our country and emboldens our enemy and their efforts to recruit additional enemy combatants. So whereas I believe that this is one of his best received heartfelt speeches, I believe that he needs to be firmer in his resolve to aggressively hunt down those who are intent on killing innocent Americans and destroying our country. Of paramount importance would be his reversing of the unpopular decision to try the 9/11 hijackers in New York City.

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