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Obama's indecision on Syria rescue raid likely cost James Foley his life

 People attend a special mass in remembrance of journalist James Foley at Our Lady of the Rosary Church
People attend a special mass in remembrance of journalist James Foley at Our Lady of the Rosary Church
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

A Monday report in Real Clear Politics suggests that President Obama’s indecision concerning the ultimately failed raid to rescue American hostages held by ISIS in Syria may well have cost James Foley his life. The special operations group that ultimately carried out the mission wanted to go in early June. But the raid was delayed until July, by which time Foley and the other prisoners had been moved. The incident is similar to the indecision that was reported concerning the Bin Laden raid that ultimately was successful in eliminating the terrorist leader.

Analysts blame administration officials for the delay, noting that they tend to want to analyze things to death before making a decision. Obama was also worried about a repeat of the 1980 raid to rescue the Iranian hostages that ended in disaster after mechanical failures grounded several of the helicopters. So, instead, the raid on Syria turned out to be a repeat of the 1970 raid on the North Vietnamese prison camp at Son Tay that was perfectly executed, but found no prisoners to rescue.

The Syria raid is said to have gone off without a hitch. American special operators from SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force landed at the secret ISIS prison dressed in Jordanian Army uniforms. An Air Force AC-130 gunship slaughtered dozens of ISUS fighters as they poured out of the secret facility to counter the attack. All of the American special operators got away without a hitch.

Subsequently Foley was brutally slaughtered by a masked ISIS leader who spoke with a British accent, a video of which was put up on YouTube. After announcing the death of Foley, Obama caused controversy by immediately heading out to play golf on Martha’s Vineyard where he was vacationing at the time. The hunt for Foley’s killer is currently on going.