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Obama's focus on jobs still fuzzy

Obama promotes new jobs bill in State of Union address
Obama promotes new jobs bill in State of Union address
Robert Giroux / MCT

Jobs must be our No. 1 focus in 2010,” said President Barack Obama in his first State of the Union address to many anxious Americans, including plenty in the Harrisburg area, looking for hope and inspiration in a protracted recession.

The question many unemployed Americans are asking is: What took him so long to finally focus on creating jobs in what so far has been a “jobless recovery?” With health care reform in critical condition, Obama has moved on to the other pressing matter of the day: getting people back to work.

There aren’t too many specific details to report about the upcoming jobs bill he has asked Congress to put on his desk for immediate approval. The familiar themes of a “green” economy ( and embarking in clean energy technologies were talked about briefly.

Obama said he would like to see nuclear power ( become a greater part of our overall energy strategy and even mentioned the possibility of opening oceans to off-shore drilling – a prospect that thrilled discontented Republicans in attendance.

The 44th President of the U.S. is an extremely gifted orator and his command of language, emotion and tone makes him a likeable guy. But more and more people are becoming frustrated and angry at government as job losses continue to mount and belief in the stimulus package passed last year fades.

“We are strained but hopeful; we are struggling but encouraged!” Obama reiterated, promising Americans help is on the way.

With that hope and inspiration fully in grasp, the name of this column is being changed to focus on new opportunities in a changing work environment. Instead of highlighting the demoralizing term ‘Unemployment’, the title of ‘Transitioning to New Opportunities in the Work Environment’ or something of this effect will be proposed.

Let’s see what the editor thinks. Stay tuned for timely and motivating articles to re-energize your job search!



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