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Obama’s diversified energy strategy reduces CO2 emissions

The chart illustrates the change in the United States’ use of various energy resources from 1775 to 2012.
The chart illustrates the change in the United States’ use of various energy resources from 1775 to 2012.

Since 2005 the United States has reduced its CO2 output more than any other nation in the world, the latest report on President Barack Obama’s diversified energy strategy released by the White House Council of Economic Advisers on Thursday noted.

CO2 output by the United States peaked in 2007. First through reduced demand when recession hit in 2007 then through greater diversity in energy sourcing to increase the use of clean alternatives along with the advancement of low-emission technology on dirtier fossil fuel sources the CO2 output has declined by approximately 10% since the 2007 high.

The president’s energy strategy, known as “All-of-the-Above” is designed to minimize reliance on a very limited number of energy resources in favor of a broad approach encompassing a multitude energy resources: coal, geothermal, hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear, oil, solar power, wood, and wind power.

Though cleaner than oil and coal, the report mentions that the Obama Administration does acknowledge the environmental risks associated with the exploration and extraction of natural gas and sees this energy resource as more of a transitional resource as cleaner methods of energy production become more available and more cost effective.

The expansion of existing and other renewable energy resources such as wind and solar has not only led to many new jobs added to the workforce, it has also reduced the U.S. trade deficit through the reduction in oil imports, the report noted.

According to a post on the White House Council of Economic Advisers webpage, Council chair Jason Furman and council member Jim Stock noted that the three main goals of the “All-of-the-Above” energy strategy are:

  • “To support economic growth and job creation
  • To enhance energy security
  • To deploy low-carbon energy technologies and lay the foundation for a clean energy future”

In November of 2013 President Barack Obama announced that the United States had in October for the first time since 1995 produced more oil domestically than it imported from foreign sources.

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