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Obama’s Death Panels (much like himself) Gaining Popularity


  • Profile picture of Roy Taylor
    Roy Taylor 5 years ago

    Come one now, let's watch it with the Nazi talk.

    People used to know about Godwin's Law, and sadly, that information was lost when the n00b's took over.

    Until the Republicans start rounding up *and executing* gays, gypsies and mexicans, they ain't even close, so don't do that, it doesn't help the argument.

    "They don't respect the truth any more than they respect human life and we can't keep giving them the benefit of the doubt."

    I can certainly give them enough benefit to not think they want to mass murder people, or would condone it if done. That's not too much to ask, is it?

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Laughable, MSNBC rhetoric. If the democrats were doing such a great job, and compromise was in the air, why did they lose the House and an enormous amount of the State Houses and Governorships? In fact a record for States? Just a question. A comment as well, please be honest about Obama, we ALL know he is as far left as they come. There is NOTHING centrist about this guy at all, which is fine, but let's at least tell the truth.

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