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Obama's Code Pink pal arrested in Egypt

A former campaign worker for President Barack Obama, who is heralded by the U.S. media as one of the founders -- along with Jodie Evans -- of the leftist organization Code Pink, complained about her arrest by Egyptian police in Cairo and the lack of help she received by the U.S. embassy, according to Middle Eastern news organizations on Sunday.

The name of the ship used by Code Pink and other Palestinian supporters was taken from President Obama's book title.
Free Gaza/Code Pink

Egyptian police officials claimed they arrested anti-war, anti-Israel activist Medea Benjamin for attempting to travel across the border and enter Palestinian territory in Gaza.

Benjamin and other members of Code Pink, including her co-founder Jodie Evans, along with other radical leftists have been supporting the Palestinian movement and even took part in what became known as the Gaza Flotilla, an anti-Israeli operation.

“And I am concerned that a country that receives 1.5 billion dollars from the United States does not let US Embassy officials have access to their citizens, and treat their citizens so brutally,” Benjamin told a Press TV reporter on Sunday.

Benjamin and 15 American women were traveling to Gaza to spend International Women's Day with their "sisters" in the Palestinian territory in Gaza. The alleged purpose of their trip was to show their support for women who are oppressed by the "Israeli occupation."

An Examiner news story reported that "in May 2010, several ships, led by the Turkish vessel the Mavi Marmara, calling themselves the Free Gaza Flotilla, attempted to breach an Israeli blockade. The resulting violence caused the deaths of nine militants and injury to numerous Israeli commandos."

"The American contingent of the Free Gaza Movement is led by President Barack Obama's friends and supporters Bill Ayers, a former terrorist with the left-wing Weather Underground, and Jodie Evans, who also heads Code Pink and worked on the election campaign of California Gov. Jerry Brown," according to the Examiner report.

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