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Obama's Climate Assessment, more hot air

Green Lies
Green Lies
Paul Taylor

Releasing the eight hundred page National Climate Assessment (NCA), President Obama now tries to resurrect the specter of climate change not as a future threat, but as an “already-happening” threat requiring immediate action in eight U.S. geographical regions. Obama’s NCA eco-propaganda attempts to re-brand what was once global warming, then climate change, than extreme weather, as the new shiny issue of “climate disruption.” This in spite of polls showing a consistent decline in the progressives’ belief in manmade global warming. And, in spite of the recent, much-heralded United Nations “Assessment Report” that admits to overstating climate change threats, and states that U.N. climate researchers cannot accurately predict long term temperature trends.

The NCA is exhausting in its deluge of anecdotal conflations of cherry-picked, yet incongruous, timelines to conclude climate disruption causation of such impacts as temperature extremes, disease, migration, hurricanes, rainfall, sea level raise and ocean acidification. The NCA calls for new government spending to cut carbon pollution, and to prepare America and global communities for global warming impacts. The NCA also states “that even as we act to reduce the greenhouse-gas pollution that is driving climate change, we must also empower the nation’s communities, businesses and individual citizens with information they need to cope with the changes in climate that are already underway.” The NCA emphasizes government education programs to force this partisan eco-propaganda into all levels of public education and governance.

Using the NCA, the Obama Administration stages yet another partisan “green” campaign to 1) energize his progressive base in the run up to November’s off-year elections in light of Democrats’ plunging popularity, and 2) to distract voters from his administration’s perpetual lies, and failed domestic and foreign policies.

Progressive “green” environmentalism has perversely passed from green awareness to the green hysteria of climate change and a politically-corrupt “war on carbon”; from prudent regulatory controls on air, water, toxics and land use to global energy and food austerity; from peaceful protests to radical eco-terrorism and endless lawsuits by partisan nonprofit eco-groups subsidized by taxpayers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants. Today’s gratuitous and politically-partisan green-government regulations inflate the costs of all goods, services, activities and energies, and kill jobs and prosperity. The “war on carbon” is a “war on prosperity.”

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