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Obama's approval numbers among Muslims is better than Christians

While the president fiddles, the country burns
While the president fiddles, the country burns
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It is just one more interesting sidebar President Obama’s most disastrous week as commander-in-chief. According to a Gallup poll released Friday, President Barack Obama’s approval rating is higher among Muslims than any other religious group. If no one else finds this interesting, the Israelis, now being besieged by Hamas rockets by the hundreds, definitely will be.

Gallup tracked responses for the first six months of 2014, 72 percent of Muslims said they approve of the president, compared with just 20 percent who disapprove. The opposite was true of Mormons who found the president to be doing a good job at an 18 percent clip while 78 percent disapprove.

What is the significance of such polling? The survey dramatizes the deep religious divide this president has set in motion when it comes to his approval rating. Obama is the first president in history to have a higher approval rating among non-Christians than Christians.

Gallup’s classification on the survey of “Other non-Christian” gave the president a 59 percent approval rating. Jewish Americans gave Obama a 55 percent approval rating while atheists provided a 54 percent approval rating.

Then there were the Catholics enraged with the contraceptive mandates in Obamacare. Only 44 percent approved of Obama, compared with 51 percent disapproval. To no one’s surprise, Protestants and other Christians were more critical, with 37 percent approving and 58 percent disapproving.

President Obama’s approval rating with all religious groups has fallen 5-7 points in the last six months. In poll after poll conducted by virtually every legitimate organization, Obama is the trend-setter for dismal results flowing into bad numbers for Democrats running for the Senate and the House this year.

Should this trend continue through the summer and early fall, the Democratic Party is facing the most horrendous political slaughter either party has suffered in midterm elections since the 1800’s.

Gallup reported that Obama’s overall approval rating for the past six months is 43 percent.

With the ongoing chaos on the southern border, more hearings planned for the Benghazi tragedy, the IRS cover-up and Middle East foreign policy in ruins, most experts see little change coming in the polling figures, other than further decline for the now vulnerable president and his party.

It appears blaming former President George W. Bush, who has been out of power for well over five years, will not nearly be enough to turn the growing tide of national anger.

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