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Obama requests billions of taxpayer dollars for illegal alien deluge

While ignoring the needs of war veterans enrolled in the Veterans Administration healthcare scandal, President Barack Obama on Tuesday requested both houses of Congress to fork over close to $4 billion to deal with the needs of illegal alien children -- now being called minors since a large number of them are teenagers -- from Central America.

Don't expect to see media coverage of any of the "children" entering the US illegally who have gang or prison tattoos.
Courtesy of Police Times Magazine

The thousands of illegal aliens have already placed a heavy burden on the U.S. immigration and border protection system especially on the southwest border, according to Border Patrol officials. The enormous number of illegal aliens, who are still walking across or flying across the border has overwhelmed the immigration system and placed the Obama administration in the center of yet another possible scandal.

"Imagine how much we would have saved if the Washington elite actually built the promised wall and hired more patrol officers to monitor the border, interdict drug and human traffickers and stopped the flood of lawbreakers entering the U.S., said Antonio LaQuesta, a former federal law enforcement officer now serving as a director of security for a hospital system.

LaQuesta also stated that after spending a billion dollars on a so-called "virtual fence" using state-of-the-art technology, then Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano canceled the project. "We went from building a real security fence to a virtual fence to no fence even after Congress voted for the money to build the [expletive] thing. Taxpayers once again got ripped off by this White House," LaQuesta complained.

The Obama White House claims that the money would be earmarked for more detentions, healthcare and transportation of the minors. Obama's minions also claim that the money will speed up the removal of illegal alien adults and their children beefing up the number of judges and immigration courts.

President Obama made his financial request in an official letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday. Obama said in his letter to Boehner that he wishes to give his secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, the authority to use his own discretion to speed up the process, something Republicans feel would be abused by an already lawless administration.

Obama plans to discuss the crisis with faith and local leaders during a political fundraising visit to Texas Wednesday, but he is resisting calls to visit the border for a firsthand look. The White House invited Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who is among those urging Obama to get to the border while he's in the state, to Wednesday's meeting in Dallas.

Michael Steel, Speaker Boehner's main spokesman stated that members of Congress working on the border security problem will discuss the Obama's letter to Boehner.

"The speaker still supports deploying the National Guard to provide humanitarian support in the affected areas — which [Obama's] proposal does not address," Steel said.

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