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Obama releases illegal aliens onto the US

How will Karl Rove get their votes?
How will Karl Rove get their votes?

While thousands of immigrants who respect our laws are waiting for visa just to come to the United States, the Obama Administration has been forcing Immigration & Custom Enforcement to release thousands of illegal aliens who have also committed other crimes. The immigration system has already been shown to be a failure with the recent attack by the welfare using Boston Bombers, who should have had their asylum status removed & one of whom could have been deported after an act of domestic violence. Will another terrorist attack occur while US Citizens have to go through the TSA & Driver’s License Checkpoints?

I saw a link about this story last night on twitter and heard about it earlier today on the Dave Elswick Show on 102.9 FM KARN News Radio. Arkansas, along with other states will likely see an increase in illegal alien crime, depressed wages, & more dependence on an already broke welfare system. Any politician who supports the release of illegal aliens who have also committed other crimes does not deserve to voted into office. A story on this outrage is below:

Arkansas State Representative Allen Kerr is part of a coalition that’s been created to deal with taxes and regulation, which would help reduce the incentive for businesses to hire illegal aliens. This group does however have an immigration plan that is supposed to “provide the workers businesses need”. I couldn’t find the details of their immigration plan. If it includes a path to legal status or a magnet for illegal aliens, the voters of Arkansas will reject it & possibly any good ideas the group may have.


Univision has been a leftist & amnesty indoctrination machine. Now it has a contract with Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. Why does the Republican Party waste time with this fake news outlet? does_hillary-univision_deal_cross_a_line_