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Obama Regime's fuzzy math is entirely fraudulent

Some months ago, officials from the Obama Regime stated that Obamacare would be considered a success if at least seven million had signed up at the exchanges by the signup deadline. That deadline came yesterday, and despite being no where near that sevel million just a couple days ago, the Regime has quite magically announced the seven million figure is reached. Actually, they said something about “being on track” to reach that number as of last night's deadline.

The Obama Regime reports seven million signed up under Obamacare
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Does this sound familiar? Of course, it's just the last time of several that the Regime has fabricated numbers to meet a goal it had set. President Obama himself has said early in his first term that if he didn't make progress on the economy that it “would be a one term proposition.” In other promises, Obama said he would have the unemployment rate lower at the end of his term than when he took office.

During the entire first term of Obama, about a quarter of a million new claims for unemployment were filed each week. That's more than one million new unemployed citizens per month, when on many of those months, the Regime claimed that maybe 150,000 or 200,000 jobs were created. Some months, even lower job creation figures were reported. Yet despite the increasing real unemployment, most month the “official” unemployment rate was reported a tenth of a percent lower. How could one million lose jobs each month and a fraction of new jobs being created, and yet unemployment rates go down? If defies logic and takes some really creative outcome-based “new math” to figure this out.

Here's the trick they used. Those who were unemployed beyond a certain time, and had run out of unemployment checks and were no longer looking for work, were not counted. So this means the labor force participation percentage, which includes those who are employed or actively seeking employment, has rapidly shrunk under the Obama Regime. This is how they cooked the books and reported a lower unemployment number despite the fact that more citizens were actually out of work.

With just a few months left before the 2012 election, the unemployment number was still several tenths of a point higher than that when Obama took office as president. Even one month before the election it was clear the number would not come down to being lower than it was in January of 2009 when Obama became president. But the final jobs report before election day was a real work of magic. Suddenly 900,000 more citizens were employed, an number the report could not even explain, and unemployment had dropped to one tenth of a percent lower than it was before Obama took office. Quite magically, Obama kept his promise to show lower unemployment than we he first became president.

Show is the key word. It was show. It was fake, it was doctored, the numbers were fraudulent. Just like everything else this Regime does, totally fraudulent. Under this Regime, the unemployment numbers are bogus. The consumer price index has been redefined to make inflation look much lower than it really is. The most out-of-touch president in the history of the country once declared, “we don't have an inflation problem.” Yeah right, he doesn't have a coke problem either. The Obamacare enrollments numbers are bogus. They don't even know how many have really paid for what they supposedly signed up for, and the “back end” for the billing process of the Obamacare web site is not even functioning yet. Even the bailout of General Motors, proclaimed by the Regime in 2012 as a great success, turns out to have been a complete disaster. Everything done by the Regime turns out to be a complete disaster, and when it's possible to skew or fabricate numbers to cover for their failures, that's exactly what the Obama Regime does.

This magic seven million Obamacare signups is no different from anything else reported by the Regime. Completely fraudulent, fake, and phony.

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