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Obama Regime 'proactively facilitating human-trafficking' over Mexican border

The crisis on the border and 99,000 illegal alien children is by design to undermine immigration laws
The crisis on the border and 99,000 illegal alien children is by design to undermine immigration laws
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It is now estimated that 99,000 children have been transported through our border with Mexico and into the United States since the beginning of this year. It has been suspected that Barack Obama is deliberately allowing and condoning this, as a way to apply the Cloward-Piven strategy to immigration and overwhelm our Southern border with so many Mexican children and illegal aliens that it will force Congress to capitulate to his demand to pass amnesty. Now this has been proven true.

FrontPage Mag has reported today on this issue, “Last week, the lawlessness of Obama’s non-deportation policy came home to roost when Homeland Security (DHS) estimated 60,000 “unaccompanied alien children” were expected to enter the country illegally this year. The figures have since gone up to 90,000, which is more than a ten-fold increase from 2011. Unsurprisingly, according to interviews with those caught, the news waves are directly related to Obama’s rolling orders to DHS to ramp up amnesty efforts wherever possible. Yesterday, Senator Cornyn of Texas called Obama’s continued amnesty push an “extremely dangerous incentive for children” and “a painful example of the law of unintended consequences.” But the 99,000 children are not an unintended consequences, they are here as a very deliberate and intended consequence.

New reports the last couple weeks have told of thousands of illegal alien children being dropped off at Greyhound bus stations in Arizona with the expectation that the state of Arizona do something to take care of them. This is no coincidence that Arizona is chosen as this is the state the Obama Regime chose to fight the battle over illegal immigration with.

“After it was reported last week that Greyhound stations in Phoenix were becoming drop-off points for detained-illegals flown in from border-checkpoints in Texas, Arizona’s Governor Brewer fired off a letter to the President asking him to end his “unconscionable policy.”, FrontPage Mag reported.

The enabling and facilitating of all this trafficking of illegal alien children over the border with Mexico is very deliberate. By flooding our country with these children, and preying on the goodness and the decency of the American people (as Ryan Houck said in this video by Free Market America says the left does) the Obama Regime is forcing us to both take care of all these children and eventually allow their parents to come to the country too.

“In the case of U.S. v. Nava-Martinez, border agents busted a repeat-felon attempting to smuggle a 10-year old El Salvadorian girl across a checkpoint in Texas later discovering that the operation was organized by the girl’s mother, an illegal alien living in Virginia. But when the agents contacted DHS officials they refused to arrange for her arrest. Instead, according to Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District Court of Texas, DHS “successfully complet(ed) the mission of the criminal conspiracy” by flying the child to her mother in Virginia at taxpayer expense,” FrontPage Mag reported, “The order issued by Judge Hanen is a crushing rebuke of Obama’s DHS. In it he warns that such immoral and illegal policies would dramatically increase the number of minors attempting to make the dangerous trip across the border. With DHS’s new estimates and the huge problems hitting the Border States, we can now see how right the good judge was.”

FrontPage Mag quoted Judge Hanen in referring to four instances of “DHS completing [a] criminal delivering [minors caught at the border] to the custody of parents illegally living in the United States.”

“The consequences of this undermining effect we’re now seeing and hopefully it’s becoming clear to the elite and media classes just how dangerous it is to play politics with immigration enforcement,” FrontPage Mag reported.

It is now clear that the Obama Regime is not only negligent in its responsibility for securing the border and enforcing our laws against illegal immigration, it is clear the Regime is actively and deliberately, with the purposes of their amensty political agenda, allowing, enabling and outright supporting the smuggling of illegal alien adults and chldren over the border with Mexico.

Congress needs to start holding hearings on the Regime's subversion of our immigration laws for political gain, and those hearings after exposing the full truth very likely should lead to the impeachment of this president on the grounds that he has deliberately undermind immigation laws. The president is responsible for upholding our Constitution and federal laws, and clearly this president is doing all he can to undermine them. It's time for impeachment hearings in Congress.

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