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Obama Regime considers texting reminders to those who are overweight

How would the Regime even know that you're overweight anyway? That's right, they are spying on us via the NSA that they know more about us than we know about ourselves. This is just more proof that the spying by this corrupt and out of control Regime needs to be stopped.

Will Michelle Obama get a text reminder from the government for being overweight is reporting the existance of something the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) that has been created to tell us all what we should eat and drink. This is big government out of control when such an agency is created. The DGAC, among other functions, is keeping track of what we all eat and drink and is going ot develop “guidelines” on what it says we should be eating and drinking. Again, this is far outside the Constitutional authority of the federal government. Congress needs to defund, shutdown, and abolish the DGAC immediately. reports, “The DGAC is made up of fifteen academics, culled mainly from the fields of nutrition, public health, and medicine. The role of the DGAC, which has met every five years for more than two decades, is to come up with recommendations that can be used “to help people choose an overall healthy diet that works for them.””

While many of the regulations created by DGAC may not affect many of us, suggests, it also reports, “But make no mistake. The DGAC is actively dreaming up ways for the government to meddle in your diet.”

But telling us what and how to eat is just no enough for the nanny-state that the Obama Regime is putting in place, it has to get even more intimately involved in our personal business. reports, “One of the most nefarious things I've seen about the DGAC recommendations so far is the suggestion that the government involve itself in the lives of obese people by sending them regular text messages.”

This is outrageous and once again the federal government far exceeding it's legitmate authority under the Constitution. Additionally, for a government and a Regime that can't even perform it's basic functions competently, like conducting foreign policy, protecting us from domestic terrorism incidents, and balancing the budget, it has no business sticking it's authoritarian nose into the personal lifestyle and dietary choices of individuals. And they should remember, the key word is choices. As much as they don't trust you to run your own life, they should remember how you choose to life your life, especially what you eat or drink, is of no one's business but your own. If you happen to be overweight, that is your own business too, and not that of the government.

Maybe should send Barack Obama a text message, reminding him that his next line of coke might kill him. Cheeseburgers are a lot healthier than cocaine.

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