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Obama Regime conducts sick experiment with human subjects

This examiner column reported last year how the EPA under the Obama Regime conducted a sick experiment where healthy human subjects were paid for hours to sit and inhale diesel exhaust piped straight in from a running truck parked outside the building. Now another sick human experiment, under the Obama Regime, is in the news. This one involves paying citizens to deliberately be infected with the flu virus to see how it affects them, as if there aren't already enough people to contracted the flu that they can study.

Experiment pays subjects to get the flu
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

The study, being conducted by the federal National Institutes of Health, involves giving up to 100 healthy adults the influenza virus so they will get the flu. The Associated Press story linked above, says about the experiment, “It may sound bizarre, but the rare type of research is a step in the quest for better flu vaccines. It turns out that how the body fends off influenza remains something of a mystery.”

Common sense would suggest, that with so many people having gotten the flu this year, they could just study people who already have the flu rather than infecting even more people, under the guise of this experiment, with influenza. The study gives the human subjects a “mild” strain of the flu, after which they are quarantined at the NIH hospital for nine days to keep from spreading the infection, and only healthy subject no older than 50 are allowed to participate. The participants are paid $3000 for agreeing to be human subjects for this experiment.

The government has given people diesel exhaust and influenza in separate studies, what other sick experiments will be conducted under the Obama Regime? Will they test people in gas chambers next? Maybe Barack Obama will be the first to volunteer for that experiment.

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