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Obama regime Benghazi media cover-up?

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Journalist Greta Van Susteren, formerly of CNN and currently with Fox News, is reporting that "the Obama administration [has] tried very hard to discourage Fox News Channel from reporting on" the terrorist attack in Benghazi on 9/11/2012.

She continued:

"They tried to prevent the truth from coming out and the Administration tried just about everything to discourage Fox from investigating and reporting. All the American people wanted, and all I ever wanted, was just the facts – why did 4 Americans die? What happened?

"The Obama Administration put out that phony video story — but who could not have been suspicious of the Administration after hearing that? Frankly, if they had been candid on day 1, the Benghazi story would have been over in short order. It would not be to the point we are now: with a Senate Bi Partisan Intelligence Committee report with the very painful conclusion that the murders at Benghazi could have been prevented."

Meanwhile, current CNN "journalist" Piers Morgan has tried to pin the blame for the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of a sitting U.S. ambassador on the ambassador himself. And MSNBC has already declared that the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead is "nothing."

More evidence that the lapdog establishment media will do whatever it can to protect the ruling regime. Absolutely disgusting.