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Obama receives report suggesting America needs new voting technology

Obama at a reception with more than 250 mayors
Obama at a reception with more than 250 mayors
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Yesterday, Jan. 23, Obama’s Election Administration discussed using new technology to give Americans a new facelift to their voting process.

In a press release yesterday, President Obama said, “No American should have to wait more than an hour to vote.”

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration delivered a report per Executive Order 13639, with “unanimous recommendations,” that include the following suggestions: expanding online voter registration, expanding the time period before the normal Election Day, and implementing modern technology. The commission pulled testimony from state and local officials, aiming to expand voter expectations as technologies change.

Co-chairs of the commission, Robert Bauer and Benjamin Ginsberg, were interviewed about their findings for new voting technology, with PBS' "Newshour" journalist Gwen Ifill.

Ginsburg said although this isn’t a binding report, updates need to happen, especially for state and local levels.

Bauer agreed, but said that online voting hasn’t been focused on due to current security issues. He believes, “the voting process has to evolve in accordance with the way Americans currently live.” Adding, Americans currently spend large parts of their daily lives online.

“The report includes a plea that the country as a whole and its elected officials look at voting technology, which is going to face a crisis within the next decade,” Ginsburg said.

Let's hope these new voting technologies work a little better than the snafu that occurred with the implementation of Obama’s healthcare system. Americans might revolt if glitches ruin their voting process.

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