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Obama reacts to massive terror bombing that kills 71, wounds 125 Nigerians

President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged Nigeria's government to conduct a widespread investigation into Monday’s bomb blast which reportedly claimed numerous lives and properties in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. Obama told the "international community" that he condemns the terrorist attack which killed dozens of civilians, according to a Nigerian news story.

A Nigerian police officer looks at the damage done by a terrorist bombing.
Used with permission of Police & Security News

While Obama claimed that his administration is outraged by the recent acts of large-scale violence in Nigeria, he failed to mention the perpetrators who are suspected of being members of an al-Qaida-linked Islamist organization. He also didn't mention the large number of Nigerians who enter the United States with both legitimate and illegitimate visas who receive very little scrutiny.

Nigerian police reported that at least 71 people died and 124 others were wounded as a result of a Monday morning bomb blast that rocked a large parking garage in Abuja, Nigeria's capital.

Besides the deaths and casualties, more than a dozen buses were destroyed as well as personally owned vehicles, according to reports.

Police investigators say that a lone suicide-bomber drove a red station wagon into the parking garage and detonated several improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that were packed into the bomber's car. The detonated bombs hit the luxury buses and automobiles in the garage and the blast killed or wounded workers and commuters near the buses.

While government officials said no group has claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing, they said they believe the bomber was a member of the al-Qaida affiliated Boko Haram, which has become a major threat to their government. Nigeria, with a population of approximately 170 million, boasts Africa's largest population.

According to the nation's government officials, Boko Haram is hurting the nation's economy and it has created havoc in the northern section of Nigeria. Boko Haram's primary goal is to setup an Islamist government ruled by Sharia law.

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