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Obama rated worst U.S. President since World War II

Is the party over for Barack Obama with many American voters?
Is the party over for Barack Obama with many American voters?
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Can things get much worse for President Barack Obama?

Benghazi, IRS, U.S. military vets, Bowe Bergdahl, and more recently a tidal wave of illegal aliens (many of whom are children) saturating the U.S. southern border. Add them all up and you have a host of issues that are sending Obama to the lowest of lows.

According to a recent national poll, Obama tops the list of the worst presidents since World War II.

The survey, released July 2 by Quinnipiac University, also shows that a plurality of voters nationwide say in hindsight that the country would be better off if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had won the 2012 presidential election.

Thirty-three percent of people from the poll say that Obama is the worst president since the Second World War, with 28% stating predecessor George W. Bush was the worst. Thirteen percent picked Richard Nixon, with 8% naming Jimmy Carter.

According to the poll, Ronald Reagan (at 35%) tops the list of the best president since WWII, with 18% noting Bill Clinton was best, followed by John F. Kennedy at 15% and Obama at 8%.

While Bush 43 left office in January 2009 with very dismal poll numbers, his favorable rating now sits at 46%, up 11 percentage points over the past five and a half years. His favorable rating, according to the CNN poll, is now on par with Obama.

Meantime, 45 percent of those polled claim that America would be better off if Romney had won the 2012 election, with 38% saying the U.S. would be worse off. According to Romney, he will not run again in 2016.

Obama's handling of illegal aliens not helping

One of the many issues that has a sizable percentage of Americans unhappy with the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is illegal immigration.

As most who follow the news know, thousands and thousands of illegal alien children (most from Central America) have been flooding across the southern border from Mexico into Texas and Arizona in recent weeks. With local officials unable to keep up with the numbers, a percentage of the illegals have been transported to a number of states, one of which is California.

Just the other week, border patrol officials stated that several hundred originally destined to be moved to San Diego would not.

On Tuesday, however, as approximately 140 illegals were attempting to land in Southern California, many local residents in Murrieta protested the move. Buses then transported the 140 or so undocumented immigrants to U.S. processing centers at least 80 miles away, in the San Diego and El Centro areas, according to federal officials.

Meanwhile, 40 were being quarantined at the Border Patrol Chula Vista Station with active scabies and head lice. The facility will provide them with showers, laundry service and bedding. Another 10 people, mostly children, were taken to local hospitals with unknown illnesses.

Earlier in the week, Obama said he would bypass Congress in efforts to fix the immigration problem.

Perhaps the real problem is that Obama is out of touch with many Americans who feel that enough is enough when it comes to the fiasco at the southern border, just one of his many issues he's not winning public support on.

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