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Democrats quietly repeal the individual mandate

In a monumental but largely unnoticed Obamacare surrender, Democrats have quietly implemented an exemption to their illegal, economy-killing health care takeover that effectively renders its liberty-killing "individual mandate" null and void. Added in December but not noticed until recently, the "hardship exemption" appears on Obamacare applications along with numerous other ways to avoid actually having to pay the left's Constitution-shredding fine for daring to make your own health care choices.

Obama speaks before signing a presidential memorandum for overtime rules during an event in the East Room at the White House
Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

From Fox News:

The document said that individuals can now qualify for a 'hardship exemption' -- meaning they would not have to pay a penalty for not buying insurance -- if they 'experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance.'

The document does not define what 'another hardship' means, and suggests the administration might not be a stickler when it comes to proof either. It says anyone seeking this exemption should 'submit documentation if possible.'

Translation: Anyone can now refuse to purchase any insurance that they do not want. the left's power-abusing, lawless IRS thugs can no longer retaliate against American citizens for acting like a free people.

Put another way, Democrats will continue illegally nationalizing the health care system away from the individual and into the hands of the few in Washington while forcibly redistributing wealth, killing jobs, exploding costs for consumers, obliterating choice, and luring the maximum number of citizens into total nanny state dependence...but they are just no longer going to pay for it.

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