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Obama proving he’s no leader

Obama proving he’s no leader. When President Obama campaigned to be president, he promised to heal the planet, lower the sea levels and unite the country. After six years of his failed presidency, the country is more divided than ever. Ferguson, Missouri and the Middle East are engulfed in a raging inferno. What’s Obama doing? He’s on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. He’s playing golf, partying with Vernon Jordan, a wealthy one-percenter and completely oblivious to all the crises around the globe.

The rioting in Ferguson began with a white police officer shooting a Black teenager on August 9, 2014. The corrupt media reported that story and exploited it without any regard for facts. Ferguson, Missouri is comparable to Oak Park, Michigan in population and racial makeup. Violence and rioting were supposed to be eradicated with Obama’s presidency. After all, he did win the Nobel Prize. Now with Obama’s failed presidency, the media resorts to the worn out narrative of racist white cops gunning down innocent Black kids.

The story changed dramatically when it was learned that Michael Brown, the Black teenaged killed by Ferguson Police Officer Wilson, was not entirely innocent and actually attacked and assaulted Officer Wilson and seriously injuring him. Brown was a robbery suspect in a convenient store robbery. He also assaulted the manager of that store. The media was incensed because facts got in the way of their story.

Never mind seven Blacks were murdered in Chicago last weekend and in Detroit, an 8 year-old boy was murdered in late July. The corrupt media rarely reports these murders because they involve Black on Black crime.

The media will not acknowledge the truth because the only racists in America are white police officers and former Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Even though, Sterling paid his Black employees tens of millions annually. The media ignores the chants of the Black Panthers calling for Officer Wilson’s death, this from the crowd which abhors the death penalty.

The media apologetically states Obama interrupted his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to make public statements. If President Bush showed this much neglect to the violence in Ferguson, he would be viciously excoriated by the same media. Meanwhile, a slothful Obama languishes while the world is inflamed.

Final Thought: Obama has yet to call ISIS, terrorists.

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