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Obama presidency or a monarch mandating immigration law

Obama speaks
Obama speaks
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Although Obama has not yet openingly declared himself absolute ruler of the United States of America his actions since being elected president indicate that is how he sees himself. What exactly is he aiming at when he says “I have a pen and a phone?” Rep, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas believes Obama is already trying to act like a monarch rather than a president.

According to speeches made by Obama and his wife Michele their intention is to “transform” America” and one way to do it is filling the country with illiterate illegal immigrants who will become voters under Eric Holder’s lack of interest in controlling voter fraud.

Rep. Gohmert holds Obama personally responsible for the surge of children and women illegal immigrants that are coming in by the thousands over the open border. Unless Congress bends to Obama’s mandate of comprehensive reform that does little to close the border and gives amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, including those already in the US, he will do it himself with a stroke of a pen.

According to Gohmert, the only way to stop Obama from behaving like a monarch instead of a president is

the power of the purse, defunding the attorney general’s office and rescinding salaries for anyone held in contempt of Congress.

Speaking on RadioAmerica Gohmert said

We need to start eliminating any money for any federal agency or department, including the White House, that is not following the law. Then you get their attention. That’s what the Founders anticipated.

…the current crisis is a result of the federal government not doings it jobs in protecting our borders…there is no reason to work with Obama on legislation as long as the president thumbs his noise at the current laws.

Gohmert asks whether Obama will transform America into being ruled by a monarch or will Congress prevent it from happening by withholding funds from the president who would be king.

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