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Obama petitions Congress to alleviate $4B immigrant costs

Putting a bandage on a gunshot to the head is the euphemistic remedy one could offer to describe the burgeoning illegal immigrant crisis. President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $4B in emergency funding to address the issue of caring for illegal immigrants at the border stations. This large sum of cash will only cover the illegals who get across the border to the holding stations. Democrats and Republicans have opposing views on this issue and are not ready to put the approval stamp on this deal.

President Barack Obama talking points on illegal immigration.
President Barack Obama talking points on illegal immigration.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

As more illegals pour into Texas, California and other parts of the U.S., the costs will continue to exponentially increase. Welfare, health care, education, etc., will be the expectation of American taxpayers to cover. Though illegals have been crossing the border noticed and unnoticed for years, the situations lately have grown increasingly more challenging.

Infowars began breaking the story of illegal immigrants flooding the borders, from Central American countries. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are just a few of the countries that are minus citizens, due to their exodus to the United States. Many of the former citizens of these countries are children under 18 and speak little or no English. Some people from these countries are reported to have diseases that are spreading to local communities and outlying areas.

Immigration holding stations along the borders are at full capacity with illegals, awaiting instructions and summons for court appearances. Courts in receiving cities report that 90% of those summoned do not show up to answer to allegations.

CNN reported from McAllen, TX, at the border crossing station. Correspondent Rosa Perez walked through the station, talking to some of the Central American people. The station showed a warehouse full of clothing, food, water, and other supplies donated by a local Catholic charity. Supporters of amnesty for this large influx of illegal immigrants are donating money and time, in a humanitarian effort that’s often portrayed on the mainstream media stations. The fact still remains that the rising costs associated with caring for these people will not be remedied with the $4B that Obama is asking hard-working American taxpayers to fork over.

The cost Obama is requesting of Congress is just enough to cover the initial border crossing. Illegal immigrants are being bussed and flown to military bases, border crossing stations and locations within cities. These expenses are incurring at a rapid pace and will be unsustainable in the long term.

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