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Obama owns the franchise, but who owns the brand?

A hypothetical franchise analysis of our institutions:
Customer = taxpayer
Counter worker = unionized local public servant
Shift manager = union supported local elected officials
Store manager = union supported state elected officials
District manager = unionized national public servants
Regional managers = union supported national elected officials
Franchise owner = union supported President
Brand owner = International unions?

Thanks to New York City (NYC) Mayor de Blasio for clarifying confusing policies and government actions which appear to be counter-productive. In fact, they may be growth models for the Brand owner. The speed at which de Blasio moved to stop successful charter schools in NYC, which served poor children, was a wakeup call. Unions oppose school choice.

An international union (Unite Here) which supported de Blasio was able to contribute unlimited funds under rules former City Council member de Blasio helped establish. (Falco, Gonen, New York Post 10/28/13)

The Nebraska LB 972 Independent Public Schools Act would provide Independent public schools for children. (Unicameral update 2/27/14)

  • Though Obama’s own children attend private school, he opposed the successful Washington DC voucher program for poor children. (Washington Post 4/10/12)
  • Eric Holder’s Department of Justice attempted to block Louisiana’s successful voucher program for poor children. (Washington Post 9/1/13)

It has been well-researched and well-documented America’s schools have been failing to teach our children for decades. No real reform is implemented, the program titles change, which require MORE. Perhaps de Blasio introduced transparency to the problem of failing schools.

I am fortunate to have the freedom to express my views. In a place like Russia, the Brand owner might buy up property surrounding the journalist, post operatives in each of those buildings, keep her under 24 hour surveillance, follow the journalist every time she leaves the house, wear a badge of authority and slander the journalist at retail establishments she frequents, perhaps even enter her house to set her up for future mischief.

Of course, this column was just for fun. I will keep you posted on developments, comrades.

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