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Obama orders probe of bungled execution, but silent on Benghazi

President Barack Obama on Friday displayed outrage and disgust over reports about an Oklahoma murderer's bungled execution, but had no comments regarding the released email that suggests his administration attempted to mislead the public about the vicious murder of four Americans in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, according to news reports.

During the last three days, Carney has displayed a knack for verbal gymnastics in answering questions posed by reporters.
White House Press Office

President Obama stated that the gummed up execution of the convicted murderer, Clayton Lockett, is evidence of serious problems with states that have capital punishment. As a result, he ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a full investigation.

Lockett was being executed for his heinous murder of a young woman whom he wounded and then buried alive. While he was being put to death, the murderer's body began to shake violently. He died later from what is described as a heart attack.

"I'm sure Holder won't have any hesitation with going on a witch hunt in his ongoing efforts to rid America of the death penalty. When it comes to protecting killers, terrorists and other psychopaths, there's never been a better attorney general," said former police officer Iris Aquino, who served as an undercover narcotics officer.

"One can only wish that President Obama had such passion in his administration's task of identifying, locating and killing the Libyan terrorists who killed four brave -- and innocent -- Americans in 2012. I believe this president's priorities are screwed up to say the least," Steve Rodgers, a former director of security and police detective, stated.

Obama said during a news conference that he supports use of the death penalty in certain cases and that Lockett's criminal actions were heinous in nature.

However, Obama went on to say application of the death penalty is problematic due to racial bias and the incidents in which years later death row inmates are found to be not guilty. Lockett was an African American. Obama claims he's directing Attorney General Eric Holder for an analysis of states' use of the death penalty.

Meanwhile, news about the select House of Representatives committee to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attack and the alleged cover up and deception met with silence from Obama and Holder, but garnered harsh criticism from Democrat leaders such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Rep. Pelosi said to reporters, "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Why aren’t we talking about something else?”

But a former military intelligence officer and police detective, Sidney Franes, reacted to Pelosi by answering her statement: "We had four Americans murdered by savages in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, that's why we aren't talking about something else. Four patriotic Americans -- unlike political hack Nancy Pelosi -- died in Benghazi."

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