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Obama not concerned with correcting the VA scandal

Obama not concerned with correcting the VA scandal. President Obama is adding more scandals to his already beleaguered administration than Baskin-Robbins has ice cream flavors. The VA scandal and Obamacare are the most damaging. He has no interest in correcting the problems and the corruption at the VA facilities. He’s only concerned with saving his reputation.

When the news broke that hospital personnel at the Arizona VA site were creating secretive lists in order to create the façade the facility was running efficiently, Obama waited weeks to comment about generally about the VA system. This fraudulent practice has been exposed at over two dozen VA facilities. Finally last week, Obama finally spoke to the media but offered nothing.

In typical Obama fashion, he placed blame elsewhere and said problems existed at the VA for years. That is true. However, the duplicate list scheme did not occur until Obama took office and Eric Shinseki was appointed VA Secretary. The bloated federal bureaucracy is the primary reason for the inefficiencies within the VA system. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have waited over a year for medical attention. Obama promised to correct that problem when he was a candidate. He’s failed miserably.

His entire administration has been mired in countless scandals. Subsequently his inner circle is deceitful and incompetent. Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s communications advisor, advised former Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, to mislead the public about the deficit and Social Security when Geithner was scheduled to appear on network news shows. This type of deception is rampant throughout the Executive Branch. The latest blunder is when the White House divulged the Station Chief’s name in Afghanistan. Revealing that person’s name is a crime. But the Obama White House did.

Correcting the VA problem would do wonders for Obama and Democrats because our veterans deserve the best medical care and we’re seeing an actual preview of Obamacare. He will not pursue correcting the problem. He will play golf, hit fundraisers and go on vacation. We know he can stonewall. He should learn how to govern.

Final Thought: In a cherished moment when the good guys get sweet revenge, congratulations to the Duke Lacrosse Team for winning its second consecutive NCAA Title. Sticking it to the dishonest district attorney, the corrupt media and the Duke faculty who viciously slandered the Lacrosse team back in 2006.

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