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Obama & Netanyahu "transcript": when a lie is necessary to get out the truth

There is a fascinating controversy over whether a "leaked" transcript of a conversation between Obama and Netanyahu, that was reported on Israeli TV, is "real".

Here is the alleged transcript. My analysis of it follows. It is an excerpt from a 35 minute phone conversation July 27 characterized by the leaker as a "tense, harsh and unfriendly conversation between the two leaders, in which Obama lectures Netanyahu, displaying a condescending, rigid, unsympathetic position to Israeli concerns which can only be interpreted as outright hostile..."

Obama: I demand that Israel agree to an immediate, unilateral cease fire and stop all offensive activities, especially air attacks.

Netanyahu: What will Israel receive in exchange for a cease fire?

Obama: I believe that Hamas will stop shooting their rockets, quiet will be answered with quiet.

Netanyahu: Hamas has breached all five previous cease fires; it’s a terror origination that is committed to the destruction of the state of Israel!

Obama: I expect Israel to unilaterally stop all of its military activities; the images of destruction from Gaza are moving the world further away from Israel’s position.

Netanyahu: Kerry’s proposal was totally unrealistic and gave Hamas Military and diplomatic advantages.

Obama: A week after Israel ends its military activities, Qatar and Turkey will begin negotiations with Hamas based on the 2012 understandings which include an Israeli commitment to remove the blockade and other restrictions from Gaza.

Netanyahu: Qatar and Turkey are the biggest supporters of Hamas. You can’t rely on them to be honest brokers.

Obama: I trust Qatar and Turkey… Israel is not in a position to choose the mediator.

Netanyahu: I warn that Hamas will be able to continue launching rockets and use tunnels for terror attacks…

Obama (interrupting Netanyahu): The ball is in the Israeli court and it must stop all military activities.
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I am inclined to conclude that this report is a fabrication, but the words placed in Bibi's mouth are so accurate a reflection of the facts, and the words given Obama are so accurate a summary of Kerry's position, that the fabrication of the transcript seems a literary device to explain to people what is going on, on the level of an Onion article.

If I am right, it is technically a lie to call it an actual transcript, but shock-value-reporters will report this dispute over whether this is an actual transcript who will not report the simple truth, so calling it an actual transcript is a "lie" that is necessary to deceive determined lying reporters into reporting the simple truth.

Thus, again if I am right, the educational value of this device justifies the "lie" necessary to achieve this reporting of the truth.

Of course the truth would be more clear if lying reporters were willing to report the clash of positions between Obama and Israel directly instead of through an alleged dispute over whether a transcript is "real". But whether or not this transcript is an accurate record of Obama's and Bibi's words, or "merely" an accurate summary of their positions, this story has already provided the readers of lying anti-Israel reporters with a greater glimpse of reality than they had before.

UPDATE: I posted most of this as a comment after the article I linked above. "Topposter" replied there:

I agree, not once in the entire transcript does Obama utter the words "look" or "folks". Definitely not Obama speaking there.

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