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Obama motorcade delays pregnant woman's trip to hospital during LA fundraisers

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A woman went into labor in Los Angeles on Wednesday but was not allowed to cross the street to get to the hospital, according to the Los Angeles Times on Thursday. Quite incredibly, the delay was caused by another motorcade for President Barack Obama. As any big city – such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles – knows, the coming and going of the president is very inconvenient on the common, everyday people who need to get from point A to point B to conduct the business of their daily lives - or even to deliver a baby.

Of major concern is that the president is usually in the big cities to attend fund raisers. He is not even disrupting people’s lives for important, official business. That was the case on Wednesday. Obama has been in California to attend a handful of fundraisers for his Democratic party while reportedly travelling on the taxpayers’ money. Naturally, all of this promotes Obama’s infamous moniker of ‘Fundraiser-in-Chief.’ This latest fundraising jaunt swallowed up three days of his schedule in spite of the numerous scandals sweeping the White House, the immigration crisis, and globally-threatening troubles abroad.

In the latest report of Americans inconvenienced by Obama’s travels, the woman who went into labor waited across the street from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center while Obama’s motorcade was expected to roll by en route to his next big-money fundraiser, according to FreeRepublic. Other reports on the situation are calling the president “King Obama.” After all, stopping people to let a person dash from one self-indulged event to another can easily be described as king-like.

On the Daily Caller website, Sean Medlock referred to the president as “King Barry.” It was said, “Sorry, lady,” in reference to the pregnant lady who was stopped by authorities from crossing the street for her medical needs, “but King Barry had yet another fundraiser to attend.” It was written that the new mother should have thought of that before deciding to punish herself with a baby. Of the public concern and discontent, the Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher wrote, “Silence, you peasants.”

A witness to the incident said that he felt bad for the woman. The witness said that I’m sure it happens everywhere the president visits. The witness said, “It paralyzes the city… makes it complicated.” He also said that the woman was detained for more than 30 minutes as authorities prepared for the arrival of Obama. She was not allowed to cross the street to the hospital.