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Obama more dangerous than Putin

Obama more dangerous than Putin. When President was elected in 2009, he was asked about American exceptionalism. His response was he believed in American exceptionalism just like French exceptionalism and Greek exceptionalism. American exceptionalism doesn’t mean Americans are better than others living around the globe. It means America stands for and freedom and has liberated hundreds of millions to pursue that freedom.

Today in 2014, the world is a more dangerous place because of Muslim terrorism and Russian President Putin invasion into the Ukraine and controlling the Crimean Peninsula. Even former Secretary of State Clinton compared Putin to Hitler with this invasion.

Both Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are accusing Putin of acting like a dictator from the 19th Century. Putin is laughing at Kerry and Obama. Putin is acting like a tyrant regardless of the century he’s living. Obama and Kerry are acting like stunned Ivy Leaguers, completely baffled and timid.

The world knows Putin is a tyrant. He doesn’t care. He has made Obama look weak with Syria, Iran and now the invasion of Ukraine. The world also knows Obama is feckless. The Russian media portrays Obama as a real-life Inspector Clusseau. The difference is the inspector can recognize evil and a despot. Obama is oblivious and irresolute leaving the United State and the world vulnerable.

The country is war weary. Putin is obviously instigating our country’s fears. Military force is not a likely option especially with Obama. He is preoccupied with raising the minimum wage or planning his next vacation.

The United States however could increase its oil and gas production here and even in Ukraine. That would decrease Russia’s stronghold on Europe. Russia is a primary supplier for oil and gas for much of Europe. Because of this dominance, the European Union is reluctant to challenge Putin. The United States can offer a viable alternative with our abundant resources but Obama and Kerry must get serious and forget chiding Putin about what century he’s ruling Russia.

The Russian invasion is extremely grave. Obama is appearing neglectful. He isn’t getting much support from Europe. For someone who can’t pronounce Navy Corpsman, Obama better implore personnel with conviction and military mastery. The freedom of the world and this country are at stake.

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