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Obama Loses Again. His Record Now 0-5

President Obama suffered yet another defeat last night this time by the hands of the people of Massachusetts a state which elected Ted Kennedy over and over again and was the first to legalize gay marriage. So how did this happen? Well to answer that question we have to look at his other defeats. First there was Olympics when he went overseas to campaign only to have the United States kicked out of contention in the first round of voting. Then when the President campaigned for the Democrats in the Virginia and New Jersey Governor's races late last year and in both races, the Republican candidate won. Then the President goes over to Copenhagen to try and get other world leader to sign onto a climate change bill but again he is unsuccessful. (And to boot, the entire Northern Hemisphere was practically going through a massive cold front with lots of snow at the time. Kind of hard to prove global warming with that going on.) And now this Massachusetts Senate race when the Democrats put so much more money than they ever thought they would have to defend the U.S. Senate seat the Ted Kennedy sat in for 47 years. Wake up President Obama, whether it is Charleston, SC or Liberal Massachusetts, the people of the United States are rising up against the liberal programs that will crush America with massive debt going forward.