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“Obama Lies! Obama Lies!”

Town Crier in historic St Augustine FL on 2-28-14
Town Crier in historic St Augustine FL on 2-28-14
TCC Staff

Children Chanted, “Obama Lies! Obama Lies!”

Town Crier in historic St Augustine, FL on 2-28-14
TCC Staff


School children on field trips to historic St. Augustine Florida, yesterday afternoon,were out in great numbers. One such group saw the Town Criers holding their signs as they passed by. The kids read, out loud, in unison, “Obama Lies! Obama Lies! “At least they know how to read. But, I wonder what they are learning in the government schools,” a Town Crier jested. “This could be their first exposure to the truth since the inception of Common Core in Florida.”

The sun finally came out after a week of nasty weather in Florida. People were everywhere! Trollies were packed. Automobile traffic was bumper to bumper. Tourists were wall to wall. School children by the scores were being escorted by their teachers and teacher’s aids up and down St. George Street. Hundreds of pictures of the Tea Party’s Town Criers in their Colonial outfits were being taken with Smart phones and immediately placed on the Internet [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at Ed]

The Town Criers cried out, “Wake Up, America”. Wake up!” The tourists from all over the Country responded by stopping and lingering awhile with the messengers of Liberty. They were confessing their frustration about the take-over of the Country by the Communists in our government. “Why haven’t the Republicans done something? They have the majority in House of Representatives. Speaker Boehner should be removed,” was the repeated consensus.

It’s the same story, week after week. The People are ready for bold action. But the GOP leadership is cowardly. Obama just keeps pushing ‘forward’ with his Marxist ideology. The GOP keeps denying that there is a Marxist problem in D.C. According to Lindsey Graham, who said, parenthetically, “Just wait until 100 million lose their heath care. Then we will act”.

The People are asking, “Isn’t the loss of health care of 6 million victims enough? The GOP is going to wait for 94,000,000 more people to get screwed by Obama Care before they act? What Cowards!” “The People on the Street are sick and tired of the Republican Establishment leadership. They want to fight back, push back, now,” said Dave Heimbold, Town Crier and SATP Media Chairman. “The GOP still doesn’t get it. They need a good kick in the ass. Yet, the good news is that the People get it! Plus, more and more young voters get it!”

The pictures above are worth, as they say, “A Thousand Words”

“The People know the Truth. Obama is a Communist. But few politicians or the media will openly acknowledge it. They have sold their souls for a lie, to a Liar who deceived the entire Country with “You can keep your doctor. period.”They love their high paying political positions and do not wish to return home to the farm or to go back to productive work,” a Crier declared.

Heimbold concluding said, “Obama lied twenty seven times to everyone about Obama Care. Yet, what is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, of the United States of America doing about it? Well, Boehner has finally decided to fight; but, not Obama and his Marxist termites. No! Speaker John Boehner is fighting, shunning and bad-mouthing the Tea Party! Boehner is a traitor. Obama, Boehner, Harry Reid and John Roberts all need to be removed from office! Long live the Republic!”

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