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Obama lied about Syria using WMDs

President Barack Obama lied about Syria using chemical weapons to justify military strikes against that country, World Net Daily reported recently. Obama used bogus intelligence to falsely accuse the regime in Syria of using chemicals weapons to justify military strikes. Only after public and congressional opposition this past Summer and Fall did Obama back down from his request for approval of military strikes on Syria. This, ironically, from the same president who joined the chorus on the far left who repeatedly accused President George W. Bush of having “lied” about Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify the policy of regime change in Iraq, which was first congressionally approved during the latter years of the Clinton Administration.

Obama used bogus intelligence to seek military strikes against Syria
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

“A just-published report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology confirms earlier reports by WND that the Syrian government could not have launched the sarin poison-gas-laden rocket last Aug. 21 into a Syrian suburb of Damascus that killed hundreds of civilians, many of whom were children,” World Net Daily reported.

The report claims the opposition, not the Syrian government, committed the chemical weapons attack. WND reported, “The chemical attack, in which some estimates of deaths from the attack approached 1,800 people, occurred in the Ghouta area then under Syrian opposition control in the midst of the Syrian civil war.”

The attack could not have been conducted by the Syrian regime, the report concludes, explaining that, “...the range of the rocket that delivered the sarin was too short to have been fired from Syrian government locations, even though the Obama administration, based on what it says was technical intelligence, said – and still insists – the gas attack was from the government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."

The report, outlined in the WND story, makes it clear that the rebels in Syria, and not the regime, most likely conducted the chemical weapons attack for which the Obama Regime blamed on the Syrian government in an attempt to win Congressional approval for military strikes, and possible war, against Syria.

Obama liked, and tens of thousands could have died. But the people and Congress opposed the going to war in Syria and President Obama ultimately backed down on the proposal.

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