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Obama leading from the rear against Russia and ISIL while campaigning

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On Sunday, Obama expressed his condolences to the Netherlands for the loss of loved ones on Malaysian flight MH17 that was shot down by Russian separatists in Ukraine last week. The President of the United States said the people of Malaysia and the Netherlands have every right to be outraged, and that they and the European Union must take the lead in conducting any sanctions against Russia. Russian Premier Putin denied Russian involvement in shooting down the airliner over Ukrainian airspace, while rebels troops forced crash investigators to flee the area as they loaded bodies onto unrefrigerated train cars and took charge of the black boxes.

Dutch anger swells at Russian treatment of the bodies of loved ones

Obama expressed his sympathy for their loss in between attending fund raisers for the coming campaign season. While attending those events he has had nothing to say about the actions of Islamist Jihadis of ISIL in Iraq executing Christians. The new leader of the Caliphate, established by Al-Qaeda terrorists who have conquered northern Iraq, has declared that Islamic law will be applied according to the teachings of Mohammad. Christians and other non-Muslims, he said, will be subject to dhimmi status making them liable to convert to Islam, pay an additional tax, or leave their country, along with their homes and all they own. Those who refuse are executed along with any who are condemned of apostasy from Islam.

Jihadis declare Islamic law in conquered Iraqi territory to destroy Christians

Liberal media pundits say the presidency has become too big for one man to handle, declaring that Obama cannot be held accountable for not dealing with every crisis. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest chided FOX News correspondents for questioning the president’s priorities saying he can’t be everywhere at once. Other criticize Obama’s choice to continue attending campaign fund raisers rather than leading the free world against aggressors as is expected of the President of the United States.

Even Democrats criticizing Obama’s choices