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Obama knows locations of malls targeted for terrorism

Dr. Jim Garrow wore many hats in his 45-year career, including college president, principal of a teacher's college, businessman, and author. In his spare time, Garrow functioned as a CIA operative in China.

June 25 mall explosion in Nigeria. Photo: nigeria-mall-20140625-story.html
June 25 mall explosion in Nigeria. Photo: nigeria-mall-20140625-story.html

In the course of his career, he established the Bethune Institute's Pink Pagoda Schools, (1) ultimately saving nearly 50,000 Chinese girls from gendercide. The Bethune Institute operates hundreds of schools in China, educating the children of many of China's military and political leaders.

Humorously, when Mr. and Mr. Obama traveled to China earlier this year to inquire as to whether or not their daughter would like to attend the Bethune Institute, they were politely informed that they were not welcome.

In 2009, Garrow was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, his long list of heroic deeds paled in comparison to Barack Obama's many documented heroic accomplishments in fostering peace throughout the world.

It was Garrow who went on the interview circuit last year, revealing to America that the President of the United States was putting the country's most valuable military officers to a litmus test. (2) Each was questioned whether, in the circumstance where leadership above them—up to and including Obama—gave them the order to go and confiscate arms, in spite of the Second Amendment, would they obey the orders of their officers and confiscate those arms?

This test was a quick and dirty way for Obama to rid the military of its most prized officers. Headlines began to appear almost daily, announcing the "retirement" of this country's greatest patriots, each with its own phony story of how that particular general or admiral violated some concocted regulation.

Some of the names that graced the headlines were:

  • Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette: (3) led Carrier Strike Group Three, including the U.S.S. John C. Stennis—profanity in public and making "racially insensitive comments"
  • Maj. Gen. Ralph Baker: (4) commander of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa—loss of confidence
  • Brig. Gen. Bryan T. Roberts: (5) Commanding General of Fort Jackson—adultery and a purported physical altercation
  • Vice Adm. Tim Giardina: (6) deputy commander of U.S. nuclear forces—allegations of the use of counterfeit chips at an Iowa casino
  • Maj. Gen. Michael Carey:(7) led the 20th Air Force, the division responsible for three wings of intercontinental ballistic missiles—alleged misconduct involving alcohol
  • Maj. Gen. Charles Gurganus and Maj. Gen. Gregg Sturdevant: (8) failure to take adequate security measures in the Sept. 2012 insurgent attack on Camp Bastion. USA today commented

Obama thereby accomplished exactly what he was trying to do. He replaced the greatest military in the world with an army of traitors and homosexuals. Perhaps he'll be nominated for the next Nobel Prize, as well.

But wait, it gets better.

"Bathhouse Barry," as Garrow refers to our Traitor in Chief, was not pleased when Garrow spilled the beans. Needless to say, after45 years of service, Garrow was canned for his courage and forfeited all well-deserved benefits and pension.

What cowards like "Barry" don't get about heroes is that the more you challenge them, the more they step up to the plate. Garrow's next interview circuit revealed yet another demonic, traitorous plot. (9) Most likely with pressure from his handlers (Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod) to get the whole population reduction thing out of the way, Obama orchestrated the perfect plan to set off three nukes to generate an EMP attack that would devastate all computer-related systems on the continent. The expected result was the death of 300 million Americans within a year.

November 2013, Garrow wrote the following on his Facebook (10) page:

Three individuals have just saved 300 million lives in the past 2 weeks. They saved the 90% of the population that would be dead if Bathhouse Barry had not been stopped from using 3 nuclear devices against the American populace.

Two Army Generals and 1 Navy Admiral, whose duties included the safeguarding and oversight of the nuclear arsenal. Obama ordered that 3 nukes be transported in a major breach of protocol and safety regulations of long standing.

He wanted it NOW, and these officers were made aware of what the intention was. The admiral had the one Navy nuke taken 200 miles off South Carolina and detonated deep in the ocean. The other 2 nukes disappeared thanks to the handiwork of the 2 Generals, the numbers 1 and 2 men in charge of the Army ordinance.

These three men are heroes of the highest order. Look up the events of 2 Generals and 1 Admiral being dismissed in the past two weeks and you will find their names. They saved your lives and the lives of 300 million of your fellow citizens.

The guy just doesn't seem to ever give up. Perhaps, it's his Muslim, inbred hatred for the United States of America that keeps him going like the Energizer bunny. Maybe it's Valerie. At any rate, thanks to his opening of our southern borders, along with the releasing of five deadly terrorists (at least one of whom has been spotted in Texas), the U.S. has been invaded with Muslims. This, of course, does not include the Russians and Chinese who he's been bringing over here by the thousands.

But I digress.

Dave Hodges reported July 27, (11) on his recent interview with Garrow, wherein Garrow revealed what Obama currently has up his sleeve. Hodges wrote:

I interviewed former CIA operative, Dr. Jim Garrow, about a planned attack upon multiple shopping malls inside of the United States which will be similar in scope to what happened in Nairobi with the attack on just the one mall. In fact, Dr. Garrow says that Nairobi was the beta test for what’s coming to shopping malls inside the United States, except for what is going to happen here, will dwarf the Nairobi event.

Since Dr. Garrow’s first revelation about the coming series of terrorist actions, more information is coming to light regarding the operation. The end game is martial law with, as we have suspected, the UN in charge. The mall attacks are the precursor event and this is explained in the recording.

For nearly two years, I have maintained that the United States was going to be attacked by Russia and China and that both countries were maintaining a covert troop presence on U.S. soil for this express purpose.

The facts surrounding the Garrow account confirm my beliefs and facts. The connections, between my private sources regarding the illegal immigration invasion and a Fifth Column insurgency designed to plunge America into martial law as well as Jim Garrow’s mall attack revelations are stunning and are all contained within this short one hour recording. The interview commences 6 minutes into the recording. Here is the link (12) to the one-hour Dr. Jim Garrow interview.

That's not the best part, however. In an interview (13) with J.J. McCartney, Aug. 5, Garrow confirmed that, "They already have the list of malls. They know the list of just over 100. I think it's 103; they aren't listed by number. But, yeah, they've got that list. So why call me?"

Does Barry's track record imply that he will release this information so that the public can protect itself? Don't count on it.

Ultimately, neither he nor his many Muslim "advisors" are to blame, however. It is the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate who unleashed this monster and are too cowardly to stop him. And that means that we are to blame, for we allow them to stay in office.

Remember that, this November.


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