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Obama is training our enemy, the Taliban, with U.S. tax dollars

He supports our enemies that want to kill us
He supports our enemies that want to kill us

Looks like the Taliban will take over Afghanistan just like ISIS took over Iraq, and guess what? The United States is training them, and U.S. tax dollars are supporting them.

Paul Sperry, of the New York Post, writes that US military intelligence now fear as much as 25% of Afghan security forces are Taliban or al Qaeda operatives and sympathizers, which means we may be arming and training an army of some 87,500 enemy infiltrators with easy access to US personnel and intelligence. The massive infiltration puts the entire Afghanistan exit strategy at risk. The compromised Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) takes over the country’s security on Jan. 1, 2015.

Thirteen years after toppling them, we’re training the Taliban to retake Afghanistan, furthering the Islamic cause. So when America pulls out of Afghanistan, will we see another bloodbath of Christians and non-Taliban?

Under pressure from the Obama administration, and with the clock ticking down to the deadline in less than 6 months, the Pentagon has relaxed normal rules and regulations regarding vetting and background checks for new recruits to the Afghan forces. The result is that known Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives are enrolling in the Afghan military, and getting training and pay courtesy of the US taxpayer.

According to a Pentagon report prepared by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, there are 43 companies who have received funding from the US government and have been linked to terrorist activity in Afghanistan. Taliban isn’t getting it directly from the U.S, but are, instead being funded by the Haqqani Network, another Islamic organization, based on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

The Haqqani network is responsible for the 2011 attack on the American embassy in Kabul that left 16 dead. The Haqqani Network, rather than receiving money directly from the U.S., receives its money from a road construction company owned by the Haqqani Network that received a government contract from the U.S. However, this is merely one such example of the U.S. funding terrorism; in all, the Pentagon report lists 43 private companies that receive American dollars, which funds terrorism.Because of the layers of bureaucracy in dealing with government contractors, the companies’ contracts have yet to be pulled.

Army Maj. Gen. Harold Greene was ambushed and shot in the back of the head by a uniformed Afghan soldier while visiting an officer training academy in Kabul, where security was managed by the Afghans. He was the most senior casualty suffered by the US during the War on Terror and the highest-ranking soldier to die in a combat zone since Vietnam. The shooter was ID’d as 27-year-old Mohammad Rafiqullah, who joined the Afghan army more than two years ago, before the Pentagon launched a counterintelligence surge to weed out such insider attackers. From a second-story bathroom window, Rafiqullah aimed his US-issued M16 assault rifle at the delegation about 10 minutes into a briefing. In an open area, the general stepped forward and told a joke to the group. That’s when Rafiqullah opened fire in a barrage that lasted long enough for him to empty one magazine and change to another before dying in a shootout.

At what point will the United States stopping training and funding enemies that seek to destroy us?

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