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Obama is going to release another Guantanamo inmate?

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As public outrage grows over the dealing of the Taliban Five in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, Fox News is reporting today that another Guantanamo inmate, named Fouzi Khalid Abdullah al-Awda, could be released soon. Al-Awda appeared via video feed from Guantanamo, in northern Virginia earlier where his attorney Eric Lewis made the case for his release.

Noting al-Awda's claim of having gone to Afghanistan for “humanitarian reasons,” Fox News reported, “Al-Awda has been held prisoner for 12 years. According to Defense Department officials and his official Guantanamo detainee profile, he traveled from his home in Kuwait to Afghanistan just before the 9/11 attacks to train in terrorist camps, and "possibly" fight alongside the Taliban and Al Qaeda.”

This consideration of releasing al-Awda follows the five Taliban detainees that were released in the deal to obtain the release of Bowe Bergdahl. There are 149 detainees left as Guantanamo. President Obama had promised to close the facility during his campaign for the presidency in 2008.

“During his decade-plus in captivity, al-Awda has not been a passive prisoner. His personal representatives concede he's been hostile, throwing "food and other items," and participating in hunger strikes,” Fox News reported, “But they also say he has become much calmer in recent years, adding the initial adjustment to prison life "has not been easy."

Fox News reports that the review board has 30 days to consider releasing al-Awda, who would appear before another review board in December if he is not released by this review board.



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